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SQUIRREL GIRL Beats Up the Whole Marvel Universe In New Graphic Novel

SQUIRREL GIRL Beats Up the Whole Marvel Universe In New Graphic Novel

Hello, comic book fans, and welcome to your mid-week edition of Comics Relief! Today, we’ve got more Marvel news than you can shake a stick at, starting with the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe getting a new original graphic novel. And no, it’s not Deadpool. Hasn’t he had enough attention lately? Read on for all the details!

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl takes on the whole Marvel Universe in new OGN

She’s been taking the world of Marvel Comics by storm these past couple of years, and now the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is taking the Marvel Universe on literally, in a new OGN called The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe. The OGN, from the regular Squirrel Girl creative team of Ryan North and Erica Henderson, is now available for purchase as either a digital download or at your local comic shop in hardcover. The new graphic novel even has its own trailer, which you can view above. [Bleeding Cool]

New Mini-Series will delve into Hellboy’s past

Mike Mignola is about to go deep into Hellboy’s past, as it’s just been announced that Dark Horse Comics is publishing The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed, which will address one of the long standing mysteries of the Hellboy universe. The five-issue series will be written by Mignola and Chris Roberson, with art by Paul Grist. It will follow up on something from the very first Hellboy mini-series, from way back in 1994.

In a statement, Chris Roberson said “In Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, readers were given a brief glimpse of a crew of strange looking aliens monitoring the supernatural doings on Earth from way out in space.We later learned that one of those aliens had been sent to Earth to kill Hellboy in 1944, but chose to spare him at the last moment. In The Visitor, we explore who those aliens are, why that assassin was sent to kill Hellboy, and just what he was doing in all of the years in between.”

The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed will launch with a prologue in the January’s Hellboy Winter Special 2017, before the debut of the five-issue series on Feb. 22. You can see a promo image for the new Dark Horse series above. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Asgardians and the Shi’ar set to go to war in the pages of The Mighty Thor 

Forget the Kree/Skrull war, two even bigger Marvel intergalactic races are about to go at it in a huge way. Starting in January’s Mighty Thor #15, the realms of Asgard and the Shi’ar Empire are about to go to war. This epic battle will be brought to us by the regular Mighty Thor creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman.

According to Dauterman, “A highlight of this arc is the juxtaposition between the fantasy of Thor and the sci-fi of the Shi’ar. Seeing those worlds collide is really fun – Norse longships vs. alien bug ships, magic and swords vs. blasters. It’s exciting for me to find different visual ways to depict the characters and powers for each of those genres, too.” You can see the cover for Mighty Thor #15 above. [Newsarama]

Warren Ellis details two year plan for DC’s Wildstorm reboot

Writer Warren Ellis isn’t known for returning to titles once he’s done with them, so his return to the Wildstorm universe for the recently announced reboot of the line next year is a big deal for fans, and for the writer himself. In his weekly e-mail newsletter Orbital Operations, Ellis said, “I don’t return to old grounds too much. I don’t look back. I started asking myself if that had become dogmatic. Binary thinking. And then this popped up, and I thought, well, here’s a way to test the hypothesis.”

Ellis has already written the first six issues of the flagship title The Wild Storm, adding that he has “roughly” the first two years of the line mapped out. He is contracted with DC for those full two years, but has “a notion of where the third year would go.” Hopefully fans will get something on the level of his legendary run on The Authority back in the late ’90s/early 2000s. [Newsarama]

Several long standing X-Men to receive ongoing series in 2017

In the fallout of the upcoming Inhumans Vs X-Men event, it seems that several long standing members of the X-Men are getting their own ongoing series in 2017, many with characters who have never had their own series before. Announced this week are ongoing series for Iceman, Weapon X, and for Jean Grey. It was also announced more X-Men solo series announcements were imminent.

What isn’t clear is which versions of these characters we are getting. Will it be the teenage Iceman and Jean Grey from the past who traveled to the future in All-New X-Men? Will the long dead adult Jean come back? And is Weapon X going to be Wolverine, or Old Man Logan, or neither? For more on these new mutant books, check out our full stories at the following links: [Nerdist]

Greg Rucka’s original Wonder Woman run on sale at comiXology

Many of you out there are loving Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman for DC Comics’ new Rebirth initiative, which is getting high praise from almost all fans and critics alike. But this is Rucka’s second go-round with the Amazon princess, and if you want to catch up with his previous run, comiXology has got you covered, thanks to their Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Sale.

Rucka wrote the adventures of Diana from 2003’s Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #195 until 2006’s #225, working with a variety of artists. All of those issues are available on Comixology right now for $0.99 apiece. Included in this run is Wonder Woman’s battle with Medusa, which she did while completely blind. For more info, click on the following link [Comics Alliance]

Monsters Unleashed one-shots coming in January from Marvel

Marvel is bringing back the old school giant Jack Kirby creatures when the Monsters Unleashed event comes out  in January, and now the publisher has revealed that there will be several one-shot spin-off titles associated with the series. Marvel has announced that eight one-shots will be released to tie-in with Monsters Unleashed, and  the first two are going to be Spider-Man/Deadpool and Avengers.

Spider-Man/Deadpool: MU #1 comes from writer Joshua Corin and artist Tigh Walker, and Avengers: MU #1  will be written by Jim Zub with art by Sean Izaakse. More Marvel MU one-shots will appear on other titles in February and March of 2017. You can see the covers for the first two in our gallery below.

Images: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / Dark Horse Comics


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