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Sorkin, Citing Sorkin

If you write a lot, it’s quite likely that you’ll unconsciously plagiarize from the writer whose work you know best, namely, yourself. It’s hard NOT to, unless you can remember every word you’ve written. (I most certainly cannot, which is why I’ll give others a pass on this unless it’s egregious) On the occasion of this week’s debut of his latest rapid-fire-dialogue-fest The Newsroom, here’s an over-seven-minute supercut that demonstrates why, when you watch an Aaron Sorkin show or movie, you might get that deja vu feeling.

You think?

HT: BuzzFeed, The High Definite

You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird : Jennette McCurdy

You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird : Matt Mira

It’s Official: A Massive Shark (Probably) Ate The Missing Great White

It’s Official: A Massive Shark (Probably) Ate The Missing Great White



  1. Chuck W. says:

    Uhh, I have to say a lot of those lines I have heard in non-Sorkinized shows. There were only 3-4 I have only heard on his shows.

  2. Gordon Harries says:

    Chrissy: that’s deliberate. Sorkin took great inspiration from William Goldman’s how-to survive in the movie business book, which features the aforementioned phrase prominently. He has a key episode in each series named after it by way of homage.

  3. Chrissy says:

    “Studio 60”, “Sports Night” and “West Wing” all have an episode that’s titled “What Kind Of Day It Has Been”

  4. Jayne says:

    You forgot “For reasons passing understanding…”

  5. CollinS says:

    I was hoping this would make me more excited for Newsroom, it did the opposite. I still enjoyed the show despite that

  6. Erik says:

    I’m surprised that there wasn’t the line that Sorkin likes to put in about “this is how the game is played in the NFL” or something like that. I know it’s in West Wing, Studio 60 and Social Network…

  7. Kristi says: