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Sony Announces Subscription Prices For Game Streaming Service, PlayStation Now

It isn’t the backward compatibility that many folks would have loved to see, but it’s better than nothing. That’s PlayStation Now that I’m speaking about– a service that was first unveiled around this time last year during CES. Upon its announcement, Sony has received a heap of burning questions along the lines of pricing and subscription models. We received our first answers on these matters today.

The service has thus far only allowed for players to access and stream PS3 games via questionably high-priced rentals, but starting on January 13, folks can bypass those ridiculous rental fees altogether by nabbing a PlayStation Now subscription. There are two subscription plans: one that’s $19.99 per month, and another going for $44.99 per three months ($15/month). Each of these plans will give players unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 PS3 games. Take a look at Sony’s official announcement video down below:

This isn’t a bad rate when you take a Gamefly subscription into account, which would run you about the same amount monthly. If anything, it warrants a sigh of relief for anyone who’s been keeping a close eye on what’s happening with the service. Having a subscription price that ranges in between $15-$19.99 per month for unlimited access to a library of PS3 games is definitely a lot better than charging folks $15 to access one PS3 game for 90 days. Now, hopefully, PlayStation will find a way to fuse PlayStation Now subscriptions with PlayStation Plus subscriptions, thus combining all of the PlayStation periodic fees into one, and reducing confusion.

[HT: PlayStation Blog]

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  1. rar says:

    Noice i only pay for my discounted games on Steam.

    Nice plan Sony remove backwards compatibility in order to mil much more the consumers.

    I recommend you all get a PC and let SONY being baked by their poor consumers.

  2. Todd Horkey says:

    I pretty much pay for one game a year for PS3.  COD.  Price point lowered a bit more might make it interesting for me.  $60 a year at best for me.   Rest of the time it’s blu rays and 3d blu rays. 

  3. Lisa says:

    I thought this was talking about letting me play PS2 games.

  4. Derek Tobias says:

    Does anyone remember Sega Channel?  That was the best for like the 6 months it was live!

  5. If PlayStation Plus users do not get a discount on this then it will never sell so a subscription service is pointless.

  6. I don’t really want them to merge the two services though. I have no desire to play games I don’t own right now and I can’t imagine that they’d merge them without raising the PS Plus pricing. Now, if they had PS Plus and say PS Plus Plus (or a GOOD name) that would be fine if I could just keep what I have. But them merging it would be no good for some people.

  7. Zellim says:

    “ranges in between $15-$19.99 per month for unlimited access to a library of PS3 games”  That wouldn’t be all too terrible.  The library is sadly not even close to unlimited, but rather is built around 100 games you get to chose from.  All of a sudden the price tag makes it almost certain that ps4 gamers will also continue to keep their ps3’s on hand.

  8. JBD says:

    Needs RockBand 3

  9. Erich says:

    Or you could just do like I did and keep your PS3… Just saying!

  10. poopants says:

    they should add every ps2 and ps1 game and then this could be a lot of fun.

  11. sounds like this is in addition to the PS plus subscription?