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Some of Our Favorites From Our Early Peek at the Comic-Con Floor

Costumes, comics, collectibles, cartoons, and soon enough total chaos… but before the massive crush of citizens come crashing through the doors of this years Comic-Con in San Diego, I got a chance to get an early sneak preview at a few of the booths setting up shop this year. I can safely say, your wallet is in the best and worst kind of danger. So here’s just a few of the best things I saw. (…when I wasn’t trying to avoid being run over by a forklift, that is, since the entire floor is set up following the rules of writing an important paper in college, where you’re cramming to get it all done minutes before it’s due to be turned in.)

Sideshow Collectibles

Which version of the Ninja Turtles do you like the most? Of all the Star Wars villains, which one deserves a prime spot in your house? How about a super high quality First Order Trooper costume? Get ready to gawk at the high-end collectibles on display from Sideshow, because it’s basically a mini-museum through the aisles of nerd heaven, except you can actually take these pieces back with you if want to pony up (and you will, way more than you probably can). I mean, you know they’re good when it makes you look fondly upon Batman v Superman.


And none of that includes the pieces from Hot Toys, which you’ll have to wait until later to see. Sorry! But don’t worry, I had a great time.


We’ve already told you about all of the great stuff Nick has planned for their booth this year, but until you actually see the stoop from Hey Arnold! and the giant nose from Double Dare up-close you have no idea just how much nostalgia you are capable of feeling. Oh, and those items they have for sale? They look better in person.



Can I interest you in a 26-thousand brick Captain America (complete with an imperfect fleck of green in his eye) that took 400 hours to make? Or a Gal Gadot Wonder Woman that needed 317 hours and 22 thousand bricks? Those of you bringing your kids will want to head here, because the LEGO booth is kid friendly, and your young’n will be able to help build a full Batman on Thursday, Batgirl on Friday, or if yours is a little scamp go by on Saturday and help build The Joker.


IDW Publishing

If you plan on grabbing one of their Comic-Con exclusive covers (oh, hello giant The Empire Strikes Back Artist’s Edition book, I didn’t need food for the rest of the month, I’ll just live off of your energy), don’t delay, because their primo-items won’t last long. But, because comics have always been such a force for good, keep an eye out for Congressman and Civil Rights hero John Lewis, who will be there to march through the convention once again.



If you can’t wait for Luke Cage, you’ll not only be able to see the entire cast together for the first time ever, but getting an autograph signing. Marvel was coy with us (that’s what happens when you require zero press), but we got the impression something big will happen with Doctor Strange, so keep your eyes and ears open. Especially when they finally reveal their giant, one ton (not hyperbole, it weighs an actual ton) Captain America statue. No pictures for you there (I pleaded to let them just show me, but no dice), but I can tell you their 1/4th scale ($3000) and 1/12th scale replicas ($350 tonight during the preview, $400 the rest of the weekend) will be big hits.



BOOM! Studios

Please allow me a brief indulgence, because their exclusive, one page comics from their new partnership with the WWE are right in my wheelhouse. Blind bags with one if them will run you five dollars, and John Cena, Sasha Banks, The New Day (who will be making an appearance there this weekend), Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple HHH will only have about 300 each, but the sixth, the Undertaker, will only have somewhere around 25. So if you don’t get one of the Dead Man you probably won’t rest in peace. For you non-wrestling fans exclusive Power Rangers comics, as well an anniversary Labyrinth comic were some of the other standouts.




Which Wonder Woman costume do you want to see? Gal Gadot’s amazing one from her upcoming solo film? Or Lynda Carter’s original, blue-faded-to-purple ensemble? How about the costumes from Suicide Squad? (Oh man, The Joker’s purple snake jacket had me debating a life of crime). It wasn’t set up yet, but you’ll also have a chance to play their new VR game where you get. to. be. Batman.


That’s just a little of what we saw, but with the opening night preview just a few hours away we wanted you to be ask excited as we are.

Now how do we get tickets for the big premiere of Star Trek Beyond?

What are you most excited for at this year’s Comic-Con? Tell us in the comments below.

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