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CAPTAIN AMERICA Statue Unveiled at Comic-Con

CAPTAIN AMERICA Statue Unveiled at Comic-Con

Captain America was born of a very different kind of United States from the one we know today. It was a nation that reveled in national unity against a common enemy, that thrived on the bold notions of “good” and “evil,” and that deemed no method better for denoting true heroism than a good old fashioned statue. Seventy-five years after his initial commitment to the Marvel Comics universe, super-soldier and unparalleled patriot Steve Rogers earns this very honor: a statue, set to stand tall and proud in his native Brooklyn, New York. Before venturing to Cap’s hometown, however, the statue will make its debut at an equally appropriate locale: San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Captain America Statue - Park Simulation image

The 13-foot bronze sculpture, erected by Comicave Studios, joins no doubt a slew of other Captain America lookalikes at Comic-Con International this week, setting up camp at Marvel booth #2329. Steve will remain available for snapshots and general ogling throughout the fest.

East Coast fans of the first Avenger can celebrate his homecoming on August 10, at which point Cap will be committed to his temporary standing place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and honored with a dedication ceremony lasting between 1 and 3 pm.

Comicave Custom Comic Cover

In the meantime, Brooklynites can enjoy a Captain America film fest of sorts in the park’s open theater; every Wednesday between July 20 and August 10, the park will be playing another yet unspecified Cap flick—presumably, each of his MCU movies in chronological order, excepting the probably-too-soon-for-legal-broadcast Civil War. Devotees across the country can follow Cap’s voyage from California to New York on social media, by following the Marvel and StyledByMarvel Instagram accounts.

Our country may have changed quite a bit since the introduction of Captain America to the pop culture canon, but we’re happy to still have him standing his ground—be it in SoCal, NYC, or anywhere in between.

Images: Marvel

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