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Terrifying Solar-Powered Robot Wolves Are Guarding Crops in Japan

For as long as there have been crops, farmers have tried to protect their harvest from opportunistic wildlife. Scarecrows have had some success over the centuries, but scientists in Japan are looking to hand over the responsibilities to a new generation of robot Scarewolves. (And let’s be happy these Scarecrows don’t have a brain…yet.)

Via The New York Post, the Super Monster Wolf robot has a face only Freddy Krueger could love, but it seems to be getting the job done. According to the Japan Agricultural Cooperative, the trial runs in the rice and chestnut fields near Kisarazu City have significantly reduced the number of crops that were lost to wild boars. The Super Monster Wolf is going to be mass produced starting next month, and farmers will be able to buy these robotic beasts for about $5,000, or they can lease it on a per month agreement.

Along with their sinister visage and glowing red eyes, the robot wolves have a variety of sounds that they use to scare off any hungry animals. That includes different howls, gunfire, and even human screams. The robots only activate when their sensors detect movement, and they are solar powered. If the Super Monster Wolf continues to be successful, then they may potentially be exported to other countries as well. The future is here, and it definitely has a scary face.

What do you think about the new Japanese robot scarewolves? And how long do you think it will take before solar flares bring them to life and they star in their own horror film? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: YouTube/Sputnik

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