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How Bloody Will Things Get in WESTWORLD’s Second Season?

New photos for the next season of Westworld has everyone looking very serious. You might even say deadly serious. On today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we discussed how bloody season two might be, along with Kristen Wiig as the next Wonder Woman villain, and if we’re ready to go to Hogwarts with the new Harry Potter game.

Jessica Chobot was joined today by producer Jason Nguyen, along with Nerdist editors Alicia Lutes and Kyle Anderson, and they leapt into action to break down reports Kristen Wiig could play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. What do we think of this unexpected casting choice? Does it fit with the DCEU’s lighter tone lately? Do we like the idea of a comedian playing a villain? And if they don’t go with Wiig, who would we like to see play Cheetah?

We also got the full trailer for the new Harry Potter RPG. Are we excited to play the game? Was mobile the right platform for it? Do we like that it will have “social” quests? Will it have long term success, or flame out the way Pokemon Go did? And what are the odds it will truly be “free” to play?

Finally, EW has new photos for the second season of Westworld showing the characters looking very intense. What secrets are they hiding? Do all the costume changes and team-ups have us excited for the show to return? What new park do we hope to see this year after getting a glimpse of Samurai World during last year’s season finale? And is Westworld TV’s new Lost?

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Images: HBO

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