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So THAT’S Where I Left My Car Keys

In case you didn’t see these, NASA has new high resolution pictures of the moon, and they show… well, take a look at this video:


The images showing things like the Apollo landing sites and boot prints and stuff left behind were taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, zooming in on the Apollo 12, 14, and 17 sites. Cool and eerie, like exploring an abandoned building, but without the oxygen.

You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird : Jennette McCurdy

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These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

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  1. jacob says:


  2. Michael B says:

    Not to sound like conspiracy theorist, though I probably will, but these images don’t really seem all that high quality or impressive to me. I think it’s only because they already know what they’re looking at that they can tell what they are. I’m pretty sure if there wasn’t that guy in the video explaining what I was looking at, I’d have no idea.

  3. Bill T. says:

    But where is the Cybertronian escape craft?

  4. J-Rod says:

    I’ve already had a conversation were ‘my friend’ claims that its photoshopped propaganda.

    Increasing the conspirators involved in the fake landings by another hundred or so.

    Thousands of people can’t keep a secret let alone twenty. That’s why we all know who the secret guest on The Nerdist TV show is.

    Can someone send Aldrin over to Liverpool please. Maybe getting beaten up by a Octogenarian will knock some sense into my friend.

  5. 100 yards to the right is where the spaceships are parked.

  6. Sean Storrs says:

    Information from Arizona State University on the new lunar images

  7. Melissa B. says:

    Anyone else bothered that they littered? Our planet is littered with garbage, our orbit is littered with space junk and now they leave their S behind on the freakin’ Moon!? Jeez!

  8. brian says:

    The littering we left behind is bad… years from now I believe there will be a PSA of a rock creature with a single tear from his eye looking all sad at the damage we done not only to out planet, but his as well.

  9. Evan says:

    I showed this to a guy I work with who is a conspiracy douche. The guy goes on tirades about 9/11, the moon landing, JFK, and what he calls the Haulahoax. He said “I saw Avatar man, I’m not buyin it.” I need to get out of Kansas.

  10. janimal says:

    almost as effective as a punch in the face from Buzz Aldrin!

  11. janimal says:

    eat it, conspiracy theorists!

  12. Mad Matt says:

    Wake me up when there are pictures of Selenites rounding up herds of mooncalves.

  13. Sean says:

    I’m with Nicole…where’s the Apollo 18 site, and all the caves of the rock creatures?

  14. Devin Smail says:

    I think Perry found this one though ;P

  15. Bill T. says:

    Sheesh, Moon. Really? Get with the program. Haven’t you heard of erosion?!

  16. Katherine says:

    Chris, you find the coolest stuff. Thanks!

  17. NicoleMarie says:

    Yea, ok. But where are the rock creatures?