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So David Tennant Thinks GRACEPOINT is Just an Undercover DOCTOR WHO Adventure

Alright, well now this is just adorable: apparently the worlds of Doctor Who and Gracepoint are connected. Because apparently David Tennant’s Detective Emmett Carver has quite the connection to the Whoniverse, thanks to a fun handful of Doctor Who-centric easter eggs on the set of the Fox show. Is it all a ruse? An undercover Tenth Doctor adventure?! Something more?! Start your engines, fan fiction writers, because Ten just gave you a heck of a lot of potential story ground.

Who writer and creator of both Gracepoint and Broadchurch, Chris Chibnall, tweeted a photo from the set that we only just noticed now (thanks to The Mary Sue) β€” not that it makes them any less adorable β€” of some of the folks leaving messages for Detective Carver at his office. You might notice a few of those names and the ominous messages that they carry: Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Rose Tyler. GASP!

Each of Ten’s companions has left a message for Carver, making minds race to find a way in which all of this might be epically connected. “Information about Sally Sparrow,” reads Martha Jones’ message. “Information regarding the library,” states Donna Noble’s (AWWW!). And of course there’s “something regarding a wolf?” when it comes to Rose Tyler because when doesn’t it involve a wolf with her, amirite?

Naturally, our brains took off like a rocket with this information. Clearly, this explains everything: after “The Day of The Doctor,” Ten went and put his Time Lord consciousness in a fob watch and hopped over to America to try and figure out how and why all of his adventures were connected and re-deployed his team of companions to help out. And it all involves the library and “Blink” and Bad Wolf and oh jeez, oh gosh, there’s a rabbit hole a-comin’ folks!

How would you connect the worlds of Gracepoint and Doctor Who? Leave your theories in the comments!

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Can’t believe that they didn’t say anything about Arthur Darvill(Rory) 

  2. tony says:

    it’s all a cover , the tardis crashed and he’s hiding out as a detective here hoping to avoid running in to his 13 ,dosen’t want to screw up the timeline and is so depressed because he’s trapped here and because all this detective work is making him doubt his faith in humanity

  3. Farnoush says:

    actually in Broadchurch his name is Alec and he hated his name! I think because It sounds like Daleks and Doctor Hates the Daleks!!!!

  4. Mybn says:

    Rose’s message was the only one marked, “Wants to see you.”

  5. KB says:

    People are taking this way too seriously. They needed written messages on Carver’s desk, and whoever was in charge of props made it happen. I’ll bet David loved it…it’s a cute reference to his most successful TV role. πŸ™‚ That said, perhaps Gracepoint was another fob watch tale, only this time he made sure not to fall for his companion (Human Nature/The Family of Blood was SO heartbreaking…ugh)!

    • KB says:

      Referring to the teacher, of course, not Martha (who was his actual companion at the time, but had to pretend she wasn’t).

  6. ky says:

    I watched Broadchurch, but missed Gracepoint… but doesn’t he have a “heart problem”?  Like maybe he has two of them….

  7. Graeme Burk says:

    Um,  There’s nothing indicating Tennant was responsible for this. It’s likely the propmasters on Gracepoint.

    • SM says:

      Actually somewhere else had posted he wrote them. Plus the handwriting looks a lot like his. 

    • Carole says:

      The first time I saw this pic posted, over two months ago, it said that the prop guy wrote them and that the pic was taken by Tennant.

    • locogirlp says:

      Yep, Chris Chibnall tweeted that it was David who wrote all the notes.  πŸ˜€

  8. Craig says:

    uhhh, how about they just wanted to have a little fun and throw together some props that would make fandom brains overheat?

    sorry, I’m a long time Whovian, but this is an epic reach over a set of silly props.

  9. Rose says:

    The TARDIS was in Sidney as well, just a block from the Gracepoint Police station. We tried to keep an eye out for the Doctor and even managed to stop a hoard of snowmen that were circling the building. πŸ˜‰

  10. Keith says:

    Maybe Detective Carver is actually the human Doctor that was trapped in the alternate universe with Rose. 

    • michelle says:

      NO because human Doctor is HAPPY…not sad and depressed like Carver…unless of course human Doctor went and lost her in another parallel world with HIS tardis too 

      • Michael says:

        well i’ve only seen the bbc version, but assuming carver’s past with his family is the same it could fit, be horrifically depressing, but it could fit.  

        • I’ve seen them both. In the BBC version there were a few very Doctor-y moments – the scene where they find the burned out boat and he snaps on his brainy specs for one – which, however, wouldn’t have fitted with the American version as well. The family situation is sort of similar, but we actually get to see Carver’s daughter in Gracepoint.

    • Duggy says:

      Do they have zeppelins and Cybermen, because the alternate universe had zeppelins and cybermen.