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SNL Recap: John Goodman

Obama/Mandela Cold Opening:

President Obama (Jay Pharoah) gives a state of the union address, with an assist from a questionable sign-language interpreter (Kenan Thompson). SNL loves politics, but luckily this sketch (and Kenan) are funnier then the usual “topical news” fare.

John Goodman’s Monologue:

John Goodman makes his umpteenth appearance on the 30 Rock stage, and serenades a Christmas time audience (with an assist from Kenan) with a song about what he really wants for the holiday.

Guy Fieri Christmas Special:

Guy Fieri (the awesome Bobby Moynihan) celebrates the holidays in a tv special, with appearances by his friends Kid Rock, Chriss Angel, Brett Michaels, Kimbo Slice, Mimi from the Drew Carey Show, and Verne Troyer. It’s a good group.

Dance of the Snowflakes:

John Goodman plays a local theater “snowflake”, who leads a less-than confident troupe through a holiday dance.

Weekend Update

Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) is joined by his “Drunker” Uncle (John Goodman), and some Christmas magic ensues.

Santa (Kenan) makes an Update appearance to let the world know the “truth” about himself.

Too Hot

A court trial sets to find out if John Goodman’s Genevive is “Too Hot”. Short answer; nope.


John Goodman plays a fireman visiting a school, to teach the kids about some yuletide fire safety. Naseem Pedrar plays Shallon, a student with some alternate safety ideas.

Hallmark Holiday Countdown:

The Hallmark channel presents their “countdown to Christmas” programming.

Christmas Whistle:

The “Holiday Classic” Christmas Whistle, presents the age old tale of a layed-off father at Christmas, and a whistle that just won’t stop.


What can be best described as a rap video parody of the H&M clothing store? I don’t know.

Last Call:

John Goodman and Kate Mckinnon play two lonely souls, making a connection during last call (for alcohol)


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