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Team Nerdist

Team Nerdist Fails to Use Its Magical SLEIGHT Powers Responsibly

It’s a very rare and special type of person in this world who can be entrusted with great power. There’s only a small group of individuals who handle the burden of awesome responsibility to become a positive force for making the planet a better place.

And none of those people work in our office.


We aren’t bad people…we think…it’s just that at this point we have a pretty strong track record that indicates we don’t always respond in an ideal manner to unusual situations. Like when we went on a yuletide murder spree after becoming Santa Claus. Or how we all turned on each other just because a voice in a speaker told us to. And definitely like that time we thought we won a whole lot of money.

Team Nerdist should not be given special powers. A lesson we learned again, after Rachel Heine, Dan Casey, Kyle Hill, and Jessica Chobot all were endowed with the amazing ability of teleportation thanks to our monthly super power subscription service.


In fairness to us though, you have to admit that snacking via levitation is pretty sweet. And that intern kinda had it coming for being three minutes late with Jessica’s coffee. Suuuure, we could have tried to help out mankind–or something–instead of just eating and picking on that kid, but, like, you know, being good is hard. We need some “me time” you know. You think breaking down Star Wars trailers is easy? Well, it’s not. It’s mild-ishly challenging.

At least they recognized the error of their ways long enough to stop that Andrew Bowser guy. Whoever that is.

This latest Team Nerdist misadventure was sponsored by the movie Sleight, an unusual and unique twist on superhero films. It stars Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner) as a talented young street magician raising his little sister after their parents passed away. To support her he turns to a life of crime, but gets caught up deep in it in ways he never expected, especially after his sister gets kidnapped. He then has to rescue her using his very special form of magic.


We have to admit, he seems to be using his power of levitation for slightly better and more noble reasons than we did. And that’s on us because we should know better. We’re beyond excited to see this movie already, but we’re going to make sure Rachel, Dan, Kyle, and (especially) Jessica see the film twice, so they can have a positive role model.

That way the next time something awesome happens to us we’ll use our powers for goo…oh who are we kidding. People will get hurt and no one will be helped. Our only hope is snacks will be involved again.


Sleight, from BH Tilt and WWE Studios, comes to theaters this month, on April 28th, and also stars Seychelle Gabriel (Falling Skies), Dulé Hill (Psych), Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live), and Storm Reid (12 Years a Slave).

What would you use the power of levitation for? And what are you looking forward to with Sleight? Be a force for good and float into our comments section below to tell us what you’re thinking.

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