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SLEEPY HOLLOW Season One Character Guide

As you may have heard, Nerdist is the home of the SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow podcast. Needless to say, we love the show and the hit Fox drama has finally made its way back to our televisions and premiered season two this past Monday. In honor of our favorite Sleepy series returning with all-new episodes, we’ve created a Sleepy Hollow character guide to help get you up to speed with the memorable characters that we’ve met so far.


Now, with out further adieu, please allow me to introduce the characters of Sleepy Hollow.


Ichabod Crane

“My name is Ichabod Crane…” Fans of the of the series know the speech well, but in order to catch you up to speed, Ichabod Crane was a professor at Oxford who came to the colonies to fight for the British, defected, and served General Washington during the American Revolution. He magically in awoke in 2013 after a particularly bloody battle and teamed up with Lt. Abigail Mills to fight the forces of evil and prevent the apocalypse. He is married to Katrina, who he later finds out is a very powerful witch and maybe sort of wasn’t entirely forthcoming with a few other things about herself…

Lt. Abbie Mills

Originally from a troubled home, Abbie Mills met Sheriff August Corbin as a teenager. After she and her sister Jenny suffered a traumatic experience in the woods at the hands of Moloch (the ancient demon who controls the Headless Horseman), both girls were faced with a decision: lie about what they had seen or tell the truth and let everyone think they were crazy. Abbie chose to lie and grew up in foster care while her sister Jenny spoke the truth and was committed to a mental institution. Abbie, under Sheriff Corbin’s mentorship, cleaned up her life and became a Lieutenant in the Sleepy Hollow Police Department. After Corbin was beheaded by a Headless Horseman, Abbie had no choice but to team up with Ichabod Crane and face the truth about what she saw in the woods so many years ago.

Katrina Crane

Married to Ichabod and formerly engaged to Abraham Van Brunt, Katrina is a very powerful witch who was cast out of her coven and spent a lot of time on the run after she had to put Ichabod under a spell that caused him to sleep for hundreds of years. According to series creators Len Wiseman and Mark Goffman on the SleepyCast, there will be many new revelations about secrets that Katrina had kept from Ichabod throughout their marriage.

Jenny Mills

Jenny Mills is Abbie’s sister who was also present in the woods when she and her sister first encountered Moloch. Jenny spent most of her youth institutionalized for telling the truth about what she and Abbie saw as little girls. This caused a major rift between Abbie and Jenny, and Jenny has found herself on the wrong side of the law many times before. Jenny was also mentored by Sheriff Corbin, unbeknownst to Abbie. Jenny is a skilled fighter and good with weapons.

Captain Frank Irving

Frank Irving was new to Sleepy Hollow after relocating from New York City. Irving is estranged from his wife and has a young daughter, Macey, who is disabled due to a car accident that Frank holds himself responsible for. Irving was skeptical of the supernatural happenings in Sleepy Hollow but now aligns himself with Abbie and Ichabod. He finds himself in jail after confessing to a murder he didn’t commit in order to protect a supernatural artifact (George Washington’s Bible) from the forces of evil and keeping his daughter out of harms way after she was threatened by a demon.

“Henry Parrish”/ Jeremy Crane/ Horseman of War

Season one’s “big bad,” it turns out that Henry Parrish who we all knew as a gifted Sin Eater (someone born with the power to sense sin) was Jeremy and Katrina’s son, Jeremy, the whole time. Jeremy was resurrected by Moloch and helped mislead Ichabod, Abbie and Katrina in order to punish them for their choices as parents. Henry is also the Horseman of War and is alive and well working alongside Moloch to release him out of purgatory so that Moloch can reign on Earth.

Sheriff August Corbin

A mentor to both Abbie and Jenny Crane, August Corbin was murdered by the Headless Horseman in the pilot episode of Sleepy Hollow but still remains a very powerful force and character in the Sleepy universe.

Headless Horseman/ Abraham Van Brunt

Ichabod’s best friend and Katrina’s former fiance, Abraham found himself left by Katrina for Ichabod and killed in battle. He was resurrected by Hessian soldiers and rose as the Headless Horseman. In the season two premiere, because of magical forces attached to a necklace that he had given to Katrina, she can now see his face and they are able to communicate with one another. Katrina is currently held captive by Headless because he is still in love with her and is determined to make her is own.


Andy Brooks

A former member of the Sleepy Hollow police force, Andy has been working alongside evil-doer Moloch since the pilot. He got put through the ringer in season one, constantly walking the line between being a henchman for the bad guys and helping Abbie when he can. It is safe to say that Brooks has a crush on Abbie.

Lachlan Fredericks

Lachlan Fredricks is the owner of Fredricks Manor and a warlock. Fredricks housed runaway slaves and people who needed protection from those looking to persecute people who practice magic. He is an all-around cool dude.

Grace Dixon

Grace Dixon was the “house matron” working for Lachlan Fredricks in the 1700s. Fredricks Manor was known as a sanctuary for runaway slaves and was rumored to be a safe house for those with supernatural tendencies. Katrina was staying in Fredricks Manor when she gave birth to Jeremy, her son, whom she had to give up for protection after his birth. Jeremy was left in Grace’s care and caused the fire that ended up killing her. We find out in season one that Abbie is related to Grace.


Moloch is a big jerk and wants to ruin life as we know it. He has employed various monsters and demons and is determined to vanquish the two witnesses (Abbie and Ichabod) who stand in his way. Moloch has two horsemen (War and Headless) working for him currently and is trying to get the final two up and running so that he can bring about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Moloch is currently trapped in purgatory which is why he needs creatures on Earth to carry out his evil deeds for him.

Sleepy Hollow season two is back with new episodes airing Monday nights on Fox. For in depth discussions with the cast and crew of the previous night’s episode, don’t forget to check out the SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow podcast hosted by me, Clarke Wolfe, every Tuesday on the Nerdist Podcast Network.

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