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Skybound Unveils THE WALKING DEAD and OUTCAST Comic-Con Exclusives

In just a few weeks, Comic-Con International will return to San Diego, and Robert Kirkman‘s Skybound Entertainment will once again have a large space on the show floor. Skybound also has a few special exclusives planned for this year’s SDCC, which they announced this week!

Fair warning, there are four-year old spoilers from The Walking Dead comic ahead, which are relevant now because the TV series has caught up to the point where Negan murdered one of the main characters. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid that spoiler from the comic, stop reading now!

The reason we have to mention that is because this year’s Walking Dead exclusive revisits that comic book moment when Negan bashed in Glenn’s head with his barbwire bat. It’s a two-pack with Negan and Glenn as seen in The Walking Dead #100…and it comes with a smashed Glenn head to drive the point home.

Negan and Glenn Walking Dead SDCC

This wouldn’t be a spoiler issue if AMC hadn’t held back on the revelation about who died on the TV show. But there is some hope for Glenn fans, as it would be anticlimactic to kill him now after his fake out death last season.┬áThe Negan and Glenn two-pack will run for $50, and there is also a black-and-white variant that recaptures the look of the original comic book series. You can see the variants and the close up photos of the figures in the gallery below.

Kirkman’s other TV series, Outcast, isn’t getting left out on the SDCC fun. It may not have action figures (yet), but fans will have the opportunity to buy a limited edition Outcast watch from Vannen.

Outcast Watch


The Outcast watches will be limited to 250, and they will feature full color artwork on the dial, with custom engravings on the back. You can pick up the Outcast watches and the Walking Dead two-pact at Skybound’s booth during Comic-Con.

Are you excited about this year’s Skybound SDCC exclusives? Let us know in the comment section below!

We talked to the Outcast cast at SXSW!

Images: Skybound Entertainment


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