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Seth Rogen and Zac Efron FEAR THE WALKING DEAD In New NEIGHBORS 2 Promo

This weekend, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are back together in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and their film faces heated competition at the box office from Captain America: Civil War and The Angry Birds Movie. But what if Rogen and Efron had to face The Walking Dead as well?

Universal Pictures has released a new Neighbors 2 parody video that will air this Sunday during the midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead. Sunday is going to be a big night for Rogen on AMC, since he is also producing the Preacher TV series that will premiere immediately following Fear The Walking Dead. Now that’s what we call network synergy!

In the clip, Rogen’s Mac Radner and Efron’s Teddy Sanders once again find their interests aligned during the zombie apocalypse. But perhaps Mac was wrong to count on Teddy, who sees their captive zombie’s shirt, which identifies him as a member of Delta Psi Beta. Teddy is a believer that the bond between fraternity brothers extends beyond the grave, which leads to a conflict between the two human survivors!

Rogen does have some experience with apocalyptic scenarios after starring in This Is the End. Perhaps that’s why Teddy is oddly prepared in this video. He’s got a sword that he looted from a Renaissance Fair and a willingness to use it on the undead even though his only previous kill was totally an accident.

In the end, it turns out to be just a pitch for Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising (unfortunately not a real thing–yet). If they want that pitch to become a reality, Neighbors 2 will have to do a lot better than being number 3 at the box office!

What did you think about Rogen and Efron’s Walking Dead parody video? Cross swords in the comment section below!

Image: Universal Pictures

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