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SESAME STREET Heads to the Upside Down in STRANGER THINGS 2 Parody

Sunny days are always sweepin’ the clouds away on Sesame Street, but things are about to get much stranger on the long-running children’s program. The creative team behind Sesame Street has released a teaser video for its next pop culture parody, which will take on Stranger Things 2.

In the clip, Oscar the Grouch claims that he has all of the “trashy” spoilers for Stranger Things‘ second season, before the video introduces Sesame Street‘s version of the main characters. Fan favorites Ernie and Grover are portraying Dustin and Lucas, respectively. We’re not sure about the other two, so we’ll just call them Muppet Will and Muppet Mike.

This particular parody appears to be more self-aware than some of Sesame Street‘s previous videos, as Ernie and Grover seem to know just what to expect from their Halloween outing as the Ghostbusters. The video does pull directly from the previously released Stranger Things 2 footage, including the introduction of Max behind a scary mask. But we were far more impressed that the parody even dared to include the Sesame Street incarnation of the Shadow Monster.

But it’s going to be around a month before we can see the rest of it. “Sharing Things” is slated to debut on Thanksgiving, and presumably that will allow the Sesame Street team to watch the entire season of Stranger Things before finishing the parody.

What did you think about Sesame Street‘s take on Stranger Things 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Images: Sesame Workshop

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