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The Walking Dead is returning Sunday night for its eighth season on AMC. It’s a TV event that has not gone unnoticed, even as far away as Sesame Street. The long-running children’s show has turned its eye towards the zombie apocalypse for a new parody, which reimagines the Cookie Monster as a Rick Grimes-like hero, Sheriff Graham. The Walking Gingerbread comes complete with its own versions of Daryl and Michonne. But in this world, the Cookie Monster’s insatiable appetite for cookies is still his greatest weakness.

Amazingly, the Cookie Monster didn’t seem to realize he could turn his hunger against the Crumbies until after he had redeemed them with the power of dance. Perhaps it would have been too much for the kids if the Cookie Monster ate cookies that were alive…or formerly alive. As Sheriff Graham, he also made a couple of selfish and short-sighted decisions that endangered his new friends. It’s like Cookie Monster really did take some of his cues from Rick Grimes.

In an amusing touch, The Walking Gingerbread sketch also introduced its version of the Governor, who  could only hint at his untrustworthy side. Although the Governor’s appearance makes us wonder what Negan would have looked like in this sketch. And what’s the Sesame Street appropriate version of Negan’s barbwire bat, Lucille?

This is far from the first time that Sesame Street‘s parodies have tackled properties way outside of their target audience. Some of our favorites include their takes on Game of Thrones, The Avengers, and Jurassic Park.

What did you think about The Walking Gingerbread? Sing “C is for Cookie” before leaving a comment below!

Images: Sesame Workshop

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