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Send a Beautiful Postcard from Your Favorite Planet in Science Fiction

Hello Dear,

Krypton gone. Blew up. Total waste coming here. Found small store nearby planet. Bought postcard. Looked pretty. What a shame. Wonder if anyone survived. Home no time soon.

Love, Me

Crafting a stunted, awkward message on the back of a piece of cardboard no longer has to be the purview of tourists here on earth, not with these absolutely gorgeous postcards of some of our favorite, fictional locales from space.

These 6×4 inch postcards—available from the iam8bitstore—will run you five dollars a postcard (although if you buy five, which you will, you can save five dollars on your order). There are 40 different locations from the entire science fiction oeuvre to choose from—including movies, television, comic books, video games, cartoons, and literature.

You’ll have to head over to see if your favorites are included, but we’re going to highlight some of our favorites here, because these things are beautiful and amazing and we want to look at them forever.


Visiting Ben. Still weird. Still wearing robes. It is freaking hot. Two suns pretty at sunset, horrible rest of day. Got mugged by a Tusken. Visiting Outer Rim okay, would not live here.



Planet attacked us. Guy with weird name showing me around. Ordered new planet, very expensive. Dinner when I get back? Know great place.



Amazing. So beautiful! Not sure why everyone so afraid. Locals asked if we really call it “unobtainium.” They laughed and laughed. Agreed.


We have a few more for you to check out in our gallery below. Pick your favorite and then write your best postcard message for it in our comments below.

Krypton: Doaly

Tatooine: Ryan Brinkerhoff
Magrathea: Anna Bihari
Pandora: Gabriel Bautista
Arrakis: Marko Manev
Druidia: Jose Emroca Flores
Gallifrey: Nan Lawson
Ego the Living Planet: Arno Kiss


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