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Seattle International Film Festival Preview

If you’re in the Seattle area, or want to make a pilgrimage there, from May 16th to June 9th but don’t really know why or what you’d do there, then might we suggest heading to the Seattle International Film Festival? Since 1976, SIFF has been a showcase for new and exciting international and domestic movies, particularly in the independent, foreign, and documentary arenas. Certainly they don’t limit it to that; In 1979, Ridley Scott’s Alien had its world premiere there, that little indie movie. This year has a huge slate of films from all over the world that might be of interest. Here are but a few on display.

Afternoon Delight – American Indie comedy in which a stay-at-home mom (Kathryn Hahn) spices up her life when she takes in a teen prostitute (Juno Temple). Josh Radnor, Jane Levy, and an impressive slate of comedy actors are also featured.

C.O.G. – The first film adaptation of the work of essayist and This American Life staple, David Sedaris. Apple farming and soul searching aplenty.

Drinking Buddies – Mumblecore godfather Joe Swanberg’s largely-improvised film about two microbrewery workers (Olivia Wilde and New Girl‘s Jake Johnson) who like each other, but who each have a significant other (Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick, respectively).

In a World…Children’s Hospital‘s Lake Bell wrote, directed, and stars in this film about the daughter of a world-renowned movie trailer voice artist who wants to make her way into the V/O world. Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman, Demetri Martin, and Tig Notaro also feature.

Monsters University – You’ve heard of this one.

Mussels in Love – a Dutch nature documentary about the mating habits of mollusks. That’s really what it is.

More Than Honey – A Germany doc about the preservation of honeybees.

Byzantium – Neil Jordan’s modern vampire story about an ageless mother and daughter, the former (Gemma Arterton) who loves drinking blood, the latter (Saoirse Ronan) who just wants to eat to survive.

Drug War – A thrilling chase film from Hong Kong action maestro Johnnie To.

100 Blood Acres – An Australian horror-comedy about a pair of dim-witted brothers who kidnap people and grind them up to make fertilizer. It’s funny, we swear.

Cheap Thrills – A black comedy about an unemployed new dad (Pat Healy) and his high school buddy (Ethan Embry), who engage in a night of debauched oneupsmanship for financial rewards. Things get out of hand, naturally.

This is merely the tip of the cinematic iceberg that is on hand at this year’s SIFF. There are also a number of special events, like the opening gala and screening of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing and An Evening with Kyle MacLachlan. A complete list of films can be found on their site. Get your tickets now and get ready to be awestruck.

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