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Screenwriter Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad To Pitch His Version Of DIE HARD 6

It appears as though a Die Hard prequel, Die Hard: Year One, is really happening, and Bruce Willis is pretty pumped about it. There is at least one fan, however, who doesn’t have quite as much faith in the idea and is doing all he can to preserve the integrity of the Die Hard franchise — he’s writing his own version of Die Hard 6.

Eric D. Wilkinson is a screenwriter who works on independent movies, so getting the attention of the makers of Die Hard isn’t easy, but he sure managed to capture the attention of the Internet by taking out a full-page newspaper ad containing his pitch for the proposed movie.

His letter begins:

My name is Eric D. Wilkinson. I am a producer and writer of independent movies. I withdrew money I don’t really have from my savings to reach out to you today to tell you that I love the movie Die Hard. Let’s me say that again… I LOVE DIE HARD.

It’s my favorite movie of all time. I’ve been there on opening day for every one of the sequels. Like a crazy addict. I keep coming back because I so desperately want to experience that “first high” I got as a teenager back in 1988. But while I like the sequels, each one has left me somewhat unsatisfied.

Wilkinson may be wearing the blinders of fandom with his reception of the Die Hard sequels. Aside from 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard, each movie after the original was received more poorly than the one before it, according to Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings. Still, Wilkinson does acknowledge what the issue seems to be as the franchise has dragged on:

I know that I speak for a number of other fans when I say that that [sic] the problem with them is that they’re missing the one key ingredient which made the original so great: an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances.

With each Die Hard movie, Wilkinson is right: John McClane seems less and less like the relatable everyman that made him such an engaging character in the first place, and more like an invincible machine that can only be stopped by the combined efforts of every military force in the world. Wilkinson also points out that Die Hard: Year One might not be very productive since the original movie is already an origin story, so he claims his script has found a way to reconcile these two oversights.

Read the whole thing for yourself below, and give us a shout in the comments if you think this guy might actually be on to something.

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Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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