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SCREAM QUEENS Recap: ‘Beware of Young Girls’

After a short hiatus, Scream Queens was back this week with another great episode. While we’re still waiting on Denise Hemphill’s (Niecy Nash) return, Gigi came back to wreak some more havoc, after being noticeably absent from the previous episode. Although “Beware of Young Girls” was light on murder–which is probably in large part due to the fact that the Red Devils took a break from terrorizing the girls this week–Grace and Pete got one step closer to finding out who the baby was and Arianna Grande’s Chanel Number 2 returned to stir up some trouble with a Ouija board, and give Chanel some words of wisdom.

Scream Queens Gif 2

This week’s episode kicked off with the Kappas and the Dicky Dollars (kind of) mourning Chanel No. 2’s death. It mostly consisted of Chanel listing the number of ways that she was a “sneaky backstabber,” and Chad reminiscing about how great it was to have sex with her. Following the funeral, the girls figured they’d get closure by speaking to No. 2 through a Ouija board, because of course that’s a good idea. They ended up making contact with the deceased Kappa, who told them from beyond the grave that Chad was cheating on Chanel–which is a surprise to the Queen C, especially after the deal she made with her beau two weeks ago.

With that knowledge in mind, Chanel angrily confronted Chad, who was cuddling with a goat when she walked in. As always, he told her it wasn’t what it looked like, and explained that he wasn’t cheating on her. He also admitted his deepest darkest secret to her. Apparently he’s lactose intolerant and needs the farm animal for milk. Although I wouldn’t put bestiality past Chad Radwell, who apparently sleeps with anything with a pulse, his explanation is oddly believable for both the viewer and Chanel herself. After hearing it, she forgave him, and headed back to the house to use the Ouija board again.  Unfortunately for her, however, the only thing No. 2’s ghost told them was that Chanel was the one murdering everyone.

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Following this revelation, No. 6 convinced 3 and 5 that it would be best to kill Chanel, since she is supposedly the murderer. They argue about how to do it, mulling over options like having a sugar party and filling Chanel’s bowl with ground up diamonds, bashing her head in with a bowling ball, or putting rat poison in her Prunex. Though they appeared ready to set their plan in motion (once they decide what to do), No. 2’s ghost appeared to Chanel, and told them of their plan before they were able to act it out.

It was definitely nice to see Grande again, especially after being gone from the show since the series premiere. Nick Jonas’ Boone has also been missing since then, but we know he’s alive and bound to turn up later on, because he’s probably one of the killers. No. 2, on the other hand, appeared to Chanel because the only way she’d be able to get into heaven was by apologizing. She also explained that she lied to the Kappa’s about Chanel being the killer, mostly because she was having a crappy time in hell.  Regardless of whether or not she was sincere with her apology, seeing the head of the house shaken was a plus.

Meanwhile, Grace and Pete continued to investigate the Red Devils, and ended up accusing Dean Munsch of the murders. But, before that, Gigi had another tense phone conversation, telling whoever it was on the other line that they still need to take care of “him”. Though she dismissed it by telling Wes that it was a family issue, she made a mess of things by sending the sleuthing duo to investigate a young ex-Kappa named Feather, who was kicked out of the the sorority by the Dean, after she fooled around with her husband.


Although Feather ended up with Dean Munsch’s ex, she had her heart ripped out when she went home to find his decapitated head in the fish tank. Considering her history with both Feather and her ex, the detective thinks Munch had enough motive to kill her ex, and is the one responsible for the murders, put her in a straight jacket and sent her off to a mental hospital. When Grace and Pete went to visit her, Munsch told them to investigate Feather. When they did, they uncovered clues that indicted Feather in the gruesome crime, which was enough to send her away in a straight jacket of her own.

But, it just so happened that it was, in fact, Munsch who had committed the murder. We learned as much after she confessed to the audience that she’d framed Feather on purpose. Though many might be quick to suggest that this means that she’s probably the one behind all of the gruesome deaths, I doubt that’s the case. She might be a psychopath, but something tells me she isn’t involved with all the murders.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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