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SCREAM QUEENS Recap: ‘7 Minutes in Hell’

Although it doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to finding out who the Red Devil killers are, this week’s episode of Scream Queens fleshed out a couple of the show’s main characters, saw several murdered, and suspiciously gave little to no screen time to others. With the show going on a short hiatus during the World Series, we’ll have a whole two weeks to piece together the clues we’ve been given so far, and come up with new theories. Since there’s no time like the present, let’s get cracking.

Scream Queens Dance Gif

If you’re wondering why Zayday is laying down some sweet moves in the gif above, that’s because “7 Minutes in Hell” saw her named co-president of Kappa Kappa Tau. Despite Chanel’s hissy fit upon finding this out, she revealed to Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin), that she voted for Zayday because she wanted her to win. With all the serial killer shenanigans going on, she decided to put on her best Angelina Jolie and make nice, because she figured giving up the mantle to somebody else would take the target off her back.

After being given he new role, Zayday decided to have a slumber party, because, you know, it’s the best way to get the pledges to tell their deepest darkest secrets (and potentially go lesbian). While all of this was going on, Chad and the rest of the Dicky Dollars were downing whole cans of Pasta sauce and planning a way to crash the Kappa girls night in. Though Dean Munsch and Denise were added to Chad’s lengthy list of women he’s slept with this week, he decided to ditch his player ways and dedicate himself to Chanel.

Anyways, with the slumber party in full swing, the ladies decided to play spin the bottle—even though there weren’t any guys around, as Chanel kept pointing out. Through this, Chanel No. 3 was finally able to address her feelings for Sam, but ultimately ended up turning her away during a private conversation because everyone she has had feelings for, ended up going mad.

Scream Queens Billie Lourd Gif

Following this, the girls realized that they were locked in the house. After Chanel called Chad, he and the rest of the Dicky Dollars raced to the house, and climbed in through a window they’d broken on he second floor. Not all of them made it, however, as poor arm-less Caulfield (Evan Paley) was caught and murdered by one of the Red Devils. Since nothing seems to phase these folks anymore, they decided to play Truth of Dare, with the intention of narrowing down who the killers could be.

They didn’t learn much from the game, aside from the fact that No. 3’s father is actually Charles Manson. Since Sam spilled the beans about the secret she had told her in confidence, 3 dared her to go down and take a nap in the bathtub, which of course ended with her being murdered by one of the Red Devils. When Hester found her body later on, Chanel pointed the finger of blame in her direction–which probably had a lot to do with her jealously over Chad’s weird attraction to her.

Since two deaths clearly wasn’t enough, one of the Red Devils also killed off Roger while he was desperately trying to get No. 5 to learn the secret twin code he’d developed with Dodger (R.I.P.) during their 7 minutes in heaven sesh. When the rest of the crew found No. 5 in the closet with the final dead body of the episode, Chanel deduced that both 5 and 6 were the murderers. I’ll admit, it was kind of weird that she just let her boyfriend get shot in the head with a nail gun without so much as a warning. Seriously, that boy looked like something straight out of Hellraiser when the Red Devil was done.

Scream Queens Zayday and Chanel Gif

Anyways, this led the team to discovering a network of fancy tunnels that led to and from the house. Seeing as it was probably their only way out, Chanel and Zayday decided to investigate the surprisingly well-lit, tastefully decorated, secrete passageway. After a spiel about past Kappa Presidents, one of the masked murderers showed up and nearly killed Zayday. He (or she) would have been successful if it weren’t for Chanel’s meddling bravery, and serious KO skills.

Sisterhood is nice and all, but what confused me was the duo’s decision to completely miss the opportunity to take the killer’s mask off. Seriously?! And here I thought the Pretty Little Liars were bad at figuring stuff out…

Anyway—after all of this went down—The Dean, detective, and Wes made a brief appearance. It was curious that neither Gigi nor Denise made an appearance, but from the looks of the teaser for the next episode, we know Gigi will be up to something. With the revelation that she’s the puppet master behind the serial killer strings, we can probably chalk her sudden disappearance up to being busy behind the scenes. Denise on the other hand was probably following some far-fetched clues supposedly linking Zayday to the crimes.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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