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Scream at a Wall: The Descendents Are Back Edition!

Scream, Dracula, scream! It’s that time of the week again–time to jump in the pit and get bloody with our favorite hardcore, metal, and punk tracks! We combed the dark corners of the internet, dug through the grimy record crates, and conjured the darkest demons in order to find these tasty jams. If you need to rage, we’ve got you covered. Strap in kiddies, it’s time to rock.


The Amazing World of Gumball


Stop everything! There’s a new Descendents song! There’s a new Descendents album coming out July 29 via Epitaph. It’s called Hypercaffium Spazzinate and holy crap we need this in our lives. This is their first new album since 2004’s Cool to Be You, so the wait has been a long one. Below, you can hear the track “Victim of Me,” which sounds exactly like you’d expect the modern Descendents to sound. Milo sounds awesome, the music sounds amazing. Seriously, 2016 has been a bummer of a year but this really helps turn things around.


Body Void are sinister as all hell. Their debut LP, Ruins, is a brutal experience. Crushing and lo-fi, this band delivers a darkness you can just feel. This three piece creates a huge, rambling atmosphere that’s both challenging and complex. Call it doom, call it metal, call it sludge, Body Void is just plain rad and Ruins is a testament to that.



Our pals at Relapse Records announced this week that they signed the thrash act known as Noisem. This is good news all around, as we love Noisem and we love Relapse Records, so their union makes us very happy. We try not to cry at weddings, but we can’t help ourselves. These are tears of joy, people. While we wait for Noisem’s Relapse debut we’ll be revisiting their superb Blossoming Decay. If you need some thrash metal with a hint of grindcore, this album will hit you in the sweet spot.


A new Nails song is always a welcome addition to the day. Sometimes you just want your brains pummeled into a thick pulp and “Life is a Death Sentence” certainly gives you that experience. Furious and just plain mean, Nails never disappoint. Their new album You Will Never Be One of Us hits shelves on June 17th and is available for pre-order now via Nuclear Blast.


Speaking of relentless grind, Asphalt Graves have released the song “No Feast (Without Cruelty)” and it’s a meat grinder of a jam. The politically charged tune is perfect for fans of bands like Magrudergrind and the previously mentioned Nails. These down-stroke warlords are clearly pissed off about the state of the world and they’re pounding out that anger in blast beats, riffs, and growls. This is the perfect soundtrack for the 2016 election. Get pissed, folks.


Lastly, our pals at Deathwish Inc. are doing a reissuing of Cursed’s final album, Cursed III: Architects of Troubled Sleep. This long-out-of-print masterpiece is a hardcore album that helped shaped the sound of the scene today. Deathwish Inc. has previous reissued Cursed’s other two albums, but this one is arguably their best and most aggressively raw. If you missed the band while they were still around making noise, pick this record up. You can and should pre-order it right now, it’s something you’re going to want in your collection. There’s still some killer vinyl colors available, too, so if your a collector, don’t sleep on this.

That’s it for this week. Go forth, throw some horns up, and keep spinning in the black circle. If there’s a metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, or any other -core song you think the world needs to hear, sound off in the comments below. \m/

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