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Scream at a Wall: Our Favorite Hardcore, Metal, and Punk Releases of the Week

Wipe the blood from your teeth and get in the pit, it’s time for a recap of this week’s best hardcore, metal, and punk rock. We dug through the record crates to find the new tunes we think you need to spin and rage to. Strap in, kiddies, it’s time to rock.


Kylesa released a music video for the song “Lost and Confused” this week, and it’s some pretty dark stuff. Their heavy riffs are put to a story of violence, sex, love, and self-destruction. If you haven’t picked up their album Exhausting Fire yet, do so immediately. It might be one of this year’s best albums.

Hardcore outfit Malfunction have offered up a stream of a new ripper from their forthcoming album Fear of Failure. The song, “Final Thoughts” is a chest-crusher that’ll get your fists pumping, so if that’s your sorta thing, check it out below. The band is hitting the road this winter with Terror and Code Orange, so if you need to get bloody, check and see if the tour is hitting your town.

If you’re craving some bouncier, pop punk, check out Youth Decay’s The Party’s Over. The band is a punk rock super group of sorts, featuring members of Comeback Kid, Living with Lions, and Daggermouth. All that experience shows because this record is awesome, the kind of album you’ll have on repeat for days. It’s really fun stuff that begs you to sing along, the kind of punk rock that’s easy to get wrong but these guys manage to do it perfectly. The Party’s Over is in stores today.

A few releases hit last week that are worth mentioning, especially for fans of Deathwish Inc. The label released Bird in Row’s new album Personal War and it is all kinds of amazing. Relentless and chaotic, Birds in Row pound their way through 7 tracks in a wall of noise and beauty. It’s a raw album that drips with pain and anger, the perfect record to get you through a Friday morning. If you like bands like Loma Prieta and Touche Amore, you’ll love Birds in Row.

Deathwish Inc. also released the blistering 7” split from bands Lies and White Jazz. Both bands bring some punk rock fury to their tracks, pummeling your senses with songs that never give you chance to breath. Lies features members of The Hope Conspiracy, so you know they freaking rip (go listen to Death Knows Your Name if you need further proof). White Jazz is three fourths of Rise and Fall, but their sound is more akin to old-school outfits like Minor Threat and Circle Jerks, which is surprising and rad. Rise and Fall was so hardcore and metal, it’s cool to hear those dudes branching out. This split is a great way to check out two bands that are sure to become favorites.

The band Greys released a three song EP called Repulsion, and it’s a solid little release. Fused with post-hardcore anger and vocals that range from silky smooth harmonies to a strained screech, Repulsion is more of the same from the band, but that is in no way a bad thing. Check out the song “I’d Hate To Be An Actor”–it’s heavy and catchy, a great mixture of sludgy feedback and melody.

Go forth; throw some horns up and keep spinning in the black circle. If there’s a metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, or any other core song you think the world needs to hear, sound off in the comments below. \m/

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