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Scream at a Wall: New EVERY TIME I DIE Album is Coming Soon!

Wipe the blood from your teeth and get in the pit: it’s time for a recap of this week’s best hardcore, metal, and punk rock. We dug through the record crates to find the new tunes we think you need to spin and rage to. Looking for some new death metal to bring into your life? Got you covered. Need some grindcore to get your wedding reception off on the right foot? Say no more. Strap in kiddies, it’s time to rock.

Archer YYZ

Take a seat everybody! You all comfortable? Good, we brought you here for some very, very important news. What? No, we aren’t serving lunch. Shut up, pay attention. There’s a new Every Time I Die album coming this September! Holy cow, right? The first track off the record – titled Low Teens – is called “The Coin Has A Say” and it’s got everything we love about Every Time I Die. The rad live video helps, too, as it captures that feeling of old school hardcore shows and the intensity of seeing a band like Every Time I Die in a small club. Fast, furious, and slick as all hell, this is exactly what we needed to turn the misery of 2016 around.

(Rolling Stone)

If you some raw emotion wrapped up n a post-hardcore package, look no further than Touche Amore’s new track “Palm Dreams.” It’s from their forthcoming album Stage Four. There’s a lot of pain coming through on this track, the sort of pain you can’t fake. The song is also a bit more rockin’ than Touche Amore’s last album; it has more of a punch, more distortion and energy. This album is also dropping in September, so the ninth month of the year is shaping up to be a damn good one. We’re doing lots of pre-ordering, in other words.


Continuing our longstanding tradition of falling in love with big post-metal drone acts, we’d like to point you and your ears at Dust Moth. Beautiful, heavy, and twinged with nightmares, Dust Moth’s album Scale is a record everyone is sure to be talking about. You only have to listen to the song “Lift” to understand that Dust Moth’s sound is infections and will haunt you for days. It’s almost a cinematic experience, injecting visuals into your mind and soul. Scale is available to pre-order, and we can’t imagine a world where you wouldn’t want this in your record collection.

Spanish Love Songs play the sort of emo and 90’s post-hardcore that a lot of us adored in high school. It’s the sort of music you scream in your car, the kind that wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve. You can see the video for their song “Concrete” below, which is sort of a trip to the saddest backyard part ever. Spanish Love Songs scream their heart out on this one and we’ll be damned if we don’t love every minute of it. We can’t help but scream along when they yell “did you think I was bad news?!” Good stuff.

Oh man, the ugliness of Ringworm never disappoints. “Shades of Blue” is the second single they’ve released from their upcoming album and it’s just as bitter and grinding as previous Ringworm efforts. It’s just a slow, brutal effort that crushes you under the weight of its darkness. The video that accompanies the song is insanely creepy, too. There’s no happy ending here, no sunshine and roses. You come here, you just find Ringworm, pounding out the evils of the word with intense downstrokes and thunderous drums. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

You might be under the impression that a band named Family would be a uniting, all-ages experience. You’d be wrong, of course; Family screams and howls over classic metal grooves and strays far from the sort of thing you’d play for your grandparents (unless you have crazy cool grandparents). Family’s latest is a track called “Day Visions” off of their new album Future History. It’s got more guitar licks than you can shake a stick at – put the stick down and pay attention, dude – and looks of sinister growls. We’re pretty excited for their full length and while we wait for it we’ll have this track on repeat.

Lastly, we have a track from Helms Alee. It’s called “Tit to Toe” and it’s a bizarre and dreamy number. Fans of Bloodiest, Muscle and Marrow, and Neurosis will dig this stuff, as it has the post-metal sound mixed with odd melodies and time signatures. It’s heavy without just relying on distortion and down tuning. The vocals are really something special, too, soaring to huge heights that fill you with energy and life. Seriously, this music could be used to reanimate the dead, that’s how much electric energy flows through it. Killer, killer stuff that you need to check out.

That’s it for this week. Go forth; throw some horns up and keep spinning in the black circle. If there’s a metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, or any other core song you think the world needs to hear, sound off in the comments below. \m/

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