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Say Hello to The Hylian with No Name!

That’s right, folks, The Game Station‘s epic Legend of Zelda/spaghetti western mashup is here and we’ve never been happier to say hello to the Good, the Bad and the Ganondorf! Divided into three parts, the Sergio Leone-nodding A Fistful of Rupees is the best thing to happen to Link lovers and Western worshippers since this girl played Ennio Morricone’s infamous The Good, The Bad and the Ugly theme on an ocarina. Check out part one of the miniseries above, then watch parts two and three below.

Part II

Part III

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  1. Smailien says:

    You see Zelda fanfic and the like all the time, what really made me like this was the adaptation.

    You’ll probably like it, but if you have *actually* seen The Man With No Name trilogy, then you’ll probably love it. I love it.

  2. Dalton says:

    -straight forward- My opinion doesn’t matter, and this didn’t ruin the world for me…

    But… I don’t know, I found it really hard to watch all three… The “gore” (if you can call it that..) made me pause, i then dropped my head in laughter, almost comically.
    I enjoyed the music, very much so… Not sure what that says for the video… I also enjoy the little references to everything, those made me happy…
    Overall, I feel indifferent with this…

  3. Austin (Vastile) Robertson says:

    Pure Genius. The only western I can watch, and the Moon made me smile every time.