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Samsung Rolls Out Curved Screens, Virtual Reality, and Wearables Galore!

This week, technology giants from around the world are descending upon Berlin for the annual IFA consumer electronics and appliance trade show, and today Samsung made some announcements that had our jaws dropping and our eyes weeping hot tears for what they will inevitably mean for our wallets. From curved screens to wireless virtual reality to wearable smart watches and more, Samsung is doing everything in their power to take a bite out of Apple. Do they have the goods or is this another shiny set of distractions that will ultimately leave us feeling empty inside and more alone than ever before? Did I just bum everyone out? Here’s a GIF to make you feel bettter:


Either way, you’ll find out today on Nerdist News as Jessica Chobot returns to tell you everything you need to know about Samsung’s big announcements.

What do you think of Samsung’s newly unveiled product line? Let us know in the comments below and tune in tomorrow for even more Nerdist News!

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  1. love the watch and interested in the VR. They are totally killing apple

  2. Mitch says:

    Sung of Sam, comment made me laugh. Chobot is such a lovable dork. I wish the news segments were longer.