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Music Geek Tracks of The Day: Ryan Adams Teams Up With Johnny Depp For New EP, ‘No Shadow’

And we thought Ryan Adams‘ collaboration with Fall Out Boy was weird.

Turns out, the alt-country crooner is always looking to work with different—and sometimes unexpected—artists on new material, which seems like the only explanation for his choice of guest musician on the recently released EP, No Shadow.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Johnny Depp, A-List movie star and… wait for it… grimey guitar god.

The 3-song EP marks the second public outing for the two stars. The first happened this past September when Depp joined Adams on stage in London to perform the Danzig song, “Mother.”

The title track, “No Shadow,” is achingly beautiful and reminiscent of Adams’ earlier albums, like Heartbreaker and Love Is Hell. While we can’t exactly pick out Depp’s individual contribution, the fact that his guitar work fits in seamlessly just proves the guy’s musical prowess is totally legit.

This isn’t exactly the first time Depp has picked up a guitar in order to rock out among the musical masses. In fact, he’s always kind of been an axman in thespian’s clothing. Here’s why:

1. In 1993, Depp invested in the now-famed Sunset Strip venue The Viper Room, where he often performed with a variety of rockers.

2. Depp has been known to sing in many of his movies, like Sweeney Todd and Into The Woods, but we all know when he with first bit by the bug. Two words: Cry Baby.

3. Finally, Depp has been joining bands on stage for, like, a million years. Okay, maybe not that many, but he’s managed to plug in with everyone from ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Aerosmith, Oasis, and Marilyn Manson. His most recent appearance with the “The Dope Show” singer happened this past fall when he joined Manson and Die Antwoord for a live rendition of “The Beautiful People.”

Ryan Adams will be touring Europe in the coming months until he flies back to the states to make an appearance at this year’s Coachella Festival. To keep track of all his transatlantic comings and goings, check out his website.

[H/T: OS-Up, Fanpop]

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