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Rumored Episode Titles for Marvel’s JESSICA JONES Series

Netflix and Marvel hit it big earlier this year when they released the first season of their collaborative Daredevil series. Now, as we get closer to the end of the year, many are looking forward to the promised release of their next one, Jessica Jones. The series follows a former superhero turned Private Investigator, played by Krysten Ritter, who is currently working in the not-so-nice post-Avengers Hell’s Kitchen area. A recent post on Reddit claims to have discovered the episode title for the Jessica Jones series through Netflix, and offers them as they appear below.

E1 – AKA Ladies Night 
E2 – AKA Crush Syndrome 
E3 – AKA It’s Called Whiskey 
E4 – AKA 99 Friends
E5 – AKA The Sandwich Saved Me 
E6 – AKA You’re a Winner 
E7 – AKA Top Shelf Perverts
E9 – AKA Sin Bin
E10 – AKA The Kumbaya Circle Jerk
E11 – AKA I’ve Got the Blues
E12– AKA Jewel and the Power Man
E13 – AKA Smile

Jones is not as well known to fans may be more versed with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but to many of her comic book fans some of these titles will hold clues as to what the season may have in store. A title like “Jewel and the Power Man” alludes to aliases both Jessica Jones and fellow Marvel hero Luke Cage used to go by in their characters’ early days.  We already knew Cage would make an appearance in Jessica Jones before breaking off into his own Netflix series, but we still don’t know if this episode means a flashback team up or an exploration of their relationship from the past and present. Other titles like “The Sandwich Saved Me” and “The Kumbaya Circle Jerk” also don’t exactly connect to the comics as much as they offer a look at the type of humor we can expect from this series.

There is still no concrete release date as of now for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, but it’s expected to debut sometime in 2015. Since we’re heading into the last 1/3 of the year, we can only hope its release is imminent. Are you excited for the new series? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured Image: Nerd Bastards

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