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Rumor: Is DC Planning to Have Their Classic Heroes Fight the New 52 Counterparts in April, 2015?

Could the classic versions of the DC Universe characters be ready to make a comeback and slug it out with their “New 52” counterparts? It’s looking like a distinct possibility. Recently Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool  ran a story about a project he referred to as “The DC Band Aid,” which he hears consists of twenty two part stories, as well as a weekly book running through two months, which will total  48 books in all. There is evidence to back him up that something big is going to go down at DC, albeit totally circumstantial, because come April 2015, we know DC is planning… well, something. All their current weekly series-Batman Eternal, New 52: Future’s End and Earth-2: World’s End come to an end the month before. And April 2015 just so happens to be the 30th Anniversary of DC’s giant universe altering mini-series Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some had speculated that DC was planning to reboot again (highly doubtful) but this two-month event sounds a lot more plausible.

On the behind the scenes side of things, the entire DC offices are moving from their New York home base of seventy-five years and coming to Burbank, California. To smooth over the transition, DC supposedly wants this new series to be ready to go by the time the transition occurs. But here’s the interesting part that should have old-school DC fans interested: the rumored set-up of this as yet unnamed mini-series (that will likely have the words “Crisis” in the title, but that’s just a good guess) has characters from the DCU battling their counterparts from across the Multiverse, characters like Superman from Red Son and Batman from Gotham by Gaslight. This is a set-up similar to their current Infinite Crisis game.  Most interestingly, it would also be including versions from the Pre-New 52 DCU. So that means possibly a married and red-undied Superman vs. clunky armored Superman, a made-from-clay Wonder Woman fighting Zeus’ daughter, a classic Harley Quinn vs. a “Suicide Girls” Harley, and a Power-Girl with enormous breasts fighting a Power-Girl with enormous breasts. (Ok, so not everything changed with the New 52.) This would be the first time these versions of the characters would be making appearances in-continuity in almost four years.

If this is indeed true, will this just be a one-off, or could we see the return of “Earth-August” as some fans refer to the old DCU (since the New 52 debuted in September, 2011.) Or could this just be a way for DC to throw old fans a bone by letting them see their favorite versions of their characters one last time, probably to get beat up by their newer counterparts? Marvel has successfully had to universes running concurrently, the classic 616 universe as well as the Ultimate line. Could DC be looking to take a page from their playbook? I imagine we’ll know a lot more by Comic-Con time.

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  1. Jason Owens says:

    I hate HATE the New 52 i want our roots and history back 🙁

  2. Hoss says:

    Shayde, I can only hope you’re right. I hate the “New 52” universe as a whole, and am truly hoping for a back to their roots DC.  And Wally friggin West as the Flash please.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m pretty excited about another Crisis. I just read Crisis and Infinite Crisis for the first time. I’ll be excited to see how they do this.

  4. Shayde says:

    Reboot? No. They’re wrapping all the 52 titles up as Earth-52 and we’ll get the classic versions back in new #1 issues.
    Continuity in Batman and Green Lantern will have “happened” to a certain degree in the main universe so we don’t feel like we lost everything from the stories (Court of Owls, Death in the Family, etc).
    Anything that really took off in the new 52 series will just continue as stories from the new 52 universe (Is Earth 2 now Earth 52a?)
    Basically 52 was a failure, and the fans want their history back.