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Rumor: Could Emily Blunt Be Joining BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE?

Did Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just become even more crowded? If we are to believe this story that ran in the Belfast Telegraph over in the UK, then actress Emily Blunt is up for a role in the movie, a role said to possibly be Catwoman. I would take this news with not a grain, but perhaps a bucket of salt, but when it comes to this movie, I think we’ve learned that just about anything is possible. A year ago I doubt many thought Wonder Woman or Cyborg would be in it, and yet, here they are.

Here are some reasons why I think this might be true: Emily Blunt’s name has been circling superhero movies for quite a long time now and for one reason or another, she keeps either turning them down or getting passed over for them. She was up for the part of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, and then that went to Haley Atwell.  Marvel also reportedly wanted her to play Black Widow in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2, a part that eventually went to Scarlett Johansson. So she’s at least considered doing these kinds of movies, but for some reason it keeps not happening.

The second reason I think it might be true is that we all know that this movie is a set up for Justice League (I mean, “Dawn of Justice” isn’t exactly being coy) and with all the flak that Star Wars Episode VII (deservedly) got for not having more female roles, Warner Brothers might not want to have Wonder Woman be the only female in a big boy band. So why not other female league members like Black Canary, Hawkgirl or Zatanna you might ask? Well, Canary is on Arrow now, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing either character in a JL movie. Hollywood is still sexist enough that they probably want to introduce Hawkman before Hawkgirl, and Zatanna is just one step too quirky for this movie, and probably a bit too much like Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Aside from Wonder Woman, Catwoman is arguably DC’s second most iconic female character, a true household name. And the fact that she was made a member of the Justice League of America in the comics last year might not be a coincidence. If she is in this movie, I expect it to be a cameo setting up a bigger role in Justice League, which is also what I expect for Cyborg too. Stranger things have happened.

Would you like to see Emily Blunt join the cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Plains Hobbit says:

    Personally I think she would rock the Thanagarian socks off Shayera.  But has anyone considered she might be Mercy to Eisenberg’s Luthor? 

    • She could definitely pull of Mercy. She’s buff enough, and she’s got the talent. Maybe make her a redhead and have her be Artemis to counter Wonder Woman a bit.

  2. Jay says:

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  3. I am assuming that she would be some sort of cameo. Batgirl or Oracle would be a cool role. Idk if I see her as Catwoman. 

  4. Dennis says:

    Man, she’s perty.

  5. HisDivineShadow says:

    Does it even matter?  I love Blunt, she’s gorgeous. But I don’t care one damn bit about a JLA movie.  Man of Steel was utterly boring.  Snyders worst to date. And Dc’s. Lack of actor continuity means they will continue to play second fiddle to Marvel for a while.

  6. ColinJ says:

    Emily Blunt is great.
    Yes, she is extremely beautiful, but she also has such a natural, warm presence on screen.
    I just really like watching her.

  7. Datchguy says:

    Barbara Gordon in a world with Nightwing already no longer Robin

  8. Oh man! If she turns out to actually be as badass in Edge of Tomorrow as the trailers make her out to be, then I think she would make an AWESOME Hawkgirl… I also like her as Zatanna, though!

  9. FrznSnowman says:

    She would make the perfect Hawkgirl, imo.

  10. As much as I’d love to see Zatanna I don’t think she’d get enough screentime in this film and don’t want them to waste her like they did with Emma Frost in XFC.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a Hawkgirl introduction though. She’s always been a favourite since JLU 

  11. Oscar says:

    IMO it would make sense to me that Blunt could maybe, probably, perhaps portray Mera? I mean isn’t Aquaman also highly rumored for this film as well? Blunt is the one person I never thought would be considered for this movie. I could care less what any online troll says about this film, I’m all in.

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  13. Doop says:

    I don’t think they’re so likely to do Hawkman over Hawkgirl.  The cartoons that the now young-adult generation grew up on features Hawkgirl and relegated Hawkman to background lunatic.

  14. Anubis013 says:

    I’d rather see Hawkgirl and Blunt would fit that role. 

  15. Kaizokuman says:

    Zatanna is nothing like Scarlet Witch.

  16. Thor51 says:

    I would rather see her as the Wasp in an Avengers movie.