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Rumor: Big STAR WARS & MARVEL Plans Coming For Disneyland

Over the past few years, we’ve fastidiously paid attention to the rumors that Disney might add a bit more Star Wars to their parks. Last year, word was a massive Star Wars makeover was coming to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland area. Details leaked of a life-size Millennium Falcon, a Mos Eisley Cantina eatery, and a speeder bike chase through the forest moon of Endor, replacing Autopia, a ride that has more or less been rendered obsolete by Cars Land over in the neighboring California Adventure. Then, before any of those plans could be formally announced, giant budget overruns with the “My Magic Plus” project over at Disney World (to the tune of a billion dollars) caused Disney CEO Bob Iger to shut everything down for the time being. THEN, just recently, Iger promised a “far greater Star Wars presence” in Disney Theme Parks.

Now, according to a report in MiceChat, things seem back on track for Star Wars at the Disney parks. Instead of revamping Tomorrowland, Disney is apparently opting to create a whole new Star Wars land by taking over Mickey’s Toon Town, as well as Big Thunder Ranch. No word on which of the previously rumored concepts would make it into Star Wars Land, although I imagine all could still be on the table. As for what this means for Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, which still desperately needs a makeover, no one knows. We’re also not sure how Star Wars may fit in at Disney World in Orlando.

But what about Marvel? Aside from “meet n’ greets” with Marvel characters, there hasn’t been much of a Marvel presence in the Disney Parks (and because of pre-existing deals with Universal Islands of Adventure, there won’t be any Marvel presence in Disney World in Orlando for the foreseeable future. Sorry, East Coast). Anaheim is another story, however, and, according to MiceChat, it looks like Disney also wants to bring a version of Disney World’s popular Aerosmith-themed “Rockin’ Roller Coaster” to California Adventure–only this coaster would be Marvel themed. (Personally, I think an Indiana Jones Adventure style ride through Marvel’s New York would be way cooler than another coaster. Just puttin’ it out there.) Again, we likely won’t hear anything official about either Parks update from Disney until next summer at the D23 Expo, when all these big projects are expected to finally be formally announced.

What sort of Marvel-themed rides would you like to see at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jaxon and Cori says:

    Don’t do anything to Disney land its for.Disney not for marvel or star wars why can’t they put wall-e in tommorow land or.something like that I have so many memories and I don’t want them to be changed

  2. Jaxon oles and Cori oles says:

    Don’t do anything to disneyland

  3. Tim says:

    St Wars is also in development for Hollywood Studios in Florida:

  4. Allen Pinney says:

    Gamora and Star-Lord made their first appearance at Walt Disney World yesterday. Any NON-Superhero, post-Universal contracts characters will be showing up in the future.

  5. Shokdiesel says:

    Ride down an ice slide as Iceman through the Danger Room! Make mine Marvel! 

  6. They should turn Tom Sawyer’s Island into Asgard. They could build the badass bridge going across the Rivers if America. It would be amazing.

  7. Beowulf says:

    Matterhorn would make a great conversion to the icy planet of Hoth. Thunder Mountain would obviously be the best for an Indiana Jones-style conversion. Tomorrowland could be filled with both Marvel & Star Wars themed rides, shows, etc. Perhaps an action-packed play with Marvel characters ? Or even a short  movie reminiscent of Captain Eo, just to name a few.

  8. TheWikki says:

    Death Star Hotel. Cleaning staff is droids and storm troopers, etc…

  9. Be rid of Tomorrowland especially captain EO and use that for a larger Star Wars 3-D video. Then you take the rest and use it as the whole Star Wars Theme. Then Take Mickeys Toon Town and turn It into The Avengers and other marvel Franchise with a 3-D Ride where you are riding through as the Avengers and other heroes are fighting Chitauri and other villains. And I already submitted this idea to A friend that works in the park and has given it to someone there to let them know.

    • Douglass Abramson says:

      Not bad ideas, but keep in mind that Disneyland already owns the land slotted for an eventual third park in Anaheim. They bought the last commercial strawberry field a few years ago and paved it for cast member parking. Its an open secret that the long term plans are to build parking structures on part of it and turn the rest into another theme park. The actual timing of the project is unknown, but doesn’t a whole Marvel park sound like a good way to steal some of Universal’s thunder? Especially since Harry Potter is headed to Universal Studios Hollywood. 

      • Willie says:

        Douglas I work for an aquarium and that is rumerd to be made into a west coast Living Seas aquarium. To which I hear it’s freaking another known aquarium out. 

  10. Zakupilot256 says:

    Replace Kink Arthur’s Sword with Thor’s Hammer? I think so.

  11. HMaff says:

    Currently they could easily take the innovations building and change the whole thing to SHIELD the top floor is already mostly Marvel with the exception of Disney Infinity and with Marvel dominating 2.0 that will add a larger presence. 

  12. Bucknuts says:

    Re-theme Space Mountain to Star Wars and I’ll be happy.

  13. Don says:

    I need them to make the Aerosmith ride into an  “Awesome Mix Roller Coaster” like right now.

  14. Bob Murdoch says:

    An IronMan ride.  You are testing out an IronMan suit as a Stark Industries test pilot when aliens attack and Tony Stark and Jarvis have to help you survive the encounter and repel the attack.   Throw in a cameo by Black Widow or Nick Fury for some added appeal.

  15. DRHBashur says:

    Bifrost. Could be sort of a free-fall ride.