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Everything You Missed in RICK AND MORTY’s Season 3 Finale

We expected Rick and Morty to take on a President in the third season finale, just not this President! While Evil Morty remained surprisingly absent from the story, Keith David’s U.S. President filled the void as a hilarious adversary in his escalated feud with our favorite multiverse-hopping adventurers. Today’s Nerdist News is breaking down the details that you may have missed during “The Rickchurian Mortydate.”

There are full spoilers ahead for last Sunday’s season finale of Rick and Morty! “Ooh wee! Now this little Poopypants is hungry!”

Join host and Presidentress of the Mega Gargantuans, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through the best jokes and sight gags from the finale. We have to admit that we were so busy laughing at the President’s description of the hidden locations beneath the White House that we missed Tupac’s body in the floorboards the first time around. Another thing that went by really quickly were the fake movie sets during Rick’s fight with the President, which included the moon landing and Washington crossing the Delaware. Has everything in U.S. history been faked in this world?

The episode also got a little meta when Rick and Morty made a shout out to South Park‘s Minecraft episode and acknowledged that they were slow by comparison. Even the “off-brand, deficit-tripling teleporter” seemed to evoke both Stargate and Minecraft. Unless you can read Chinese, you probably didn’t notice that Jerry’s robe had “weak” embroidered on it. Come to think of it, that cabin where the Smith family holed up sure looked a lot like the one from “Morty’s Mind Blowers.”

Finally, we got the return of Mr. Poopybutthole, who kind of trolled the audience about the long wait between seasons. Mr. Poopybutthole has a family now, and yet he didn’t even bring up his proposal to Morty, as seen a few weeks ago in “Morty’s Mind Blowers.”

What was your favorite gag in the third season finale of Rick and Morty? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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