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RICK AND MORTY’s Rickstaverse Expands with Interdimensional Cable Levels

Like most people in the world, we can’t seem to get enough of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. With only two seasons in existence and still like, six months to wait for more episodes, we’re chomping at the proverbial bit for any and all adventures with the titular interplanetary, interdimensional chaos-bringer and his meek, fart-cloud-saving-then-murdering grandson. We loved exploring the Rickstaverse via the show’s official Instagram-based video game, spending time on Gazorpazorp and hanging out on a giant dead Santa Claus hobo. Now, we can explore television from other dimensions because the latest expansion offers Interdimensional Cable!


A highlight of both seasons of Rick and Morty were the episodes involving Rick suping up the cable box, allowing the family to see the weird kinds of TV on an infinite number of channels. Really, this was an excuse to have the hilarious Justin Roiland–voice of both Rick and Morty and co-creator of the show–to improvise in the recording booth while the animators make it all happen. This gave us things like Ants-in-My-Eyes Johnson, Turbulent Juice, Jan Quadrant Vincent 16, and the dangerous taste of Eye Holes.

Now, thanks to this expansion, you can spend a whole ton of time visiting the space hospital St. Gloopy Noops where you can watch Reverse News, Jerry careening through the premiere of Last Will and Testimeow: Weekend at Dead Cat Lady’s House II, and even explore the entire factory where Plumbuses are made. There’s house more exploration ahead of you in the Rickstaverse, and you can have fun trying to collect all of the Gazoropazorpfield comics. You can see some examples of the world in the gallery below!

You can enjoy all of the sci-fi silliness by following Rick and Morty Rickstaverse on Instagram. Let us know your favorite square/area in the comments below!

Wubba lubba and indeed dub dub.

Image: Adult Swim/Carrot Creative

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist and a master of time and space. Follow him on Twitter!


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