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Get the Secret Origin of RICK AND MORTY’s Vindicators

Rick and Mortys Vindicators might have offered a harsh (and deadly) lesson to us about the dangers of putting our faith in a team of superheroes, but the writers who created them are still heroes to us, which is why we had them fly (or drive, presumably) into the studio today to join us on Nerdist News Talks Back.

Alongside our own senior editor and host of The Dan Cave, Dan Casey, host Jessica Chobot sat down with writers Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe, the duo responsible for one of the best social commentaries we’ve ever seen on superhero movies, Rick and Morty‘s “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.” (Remember, you can chime in with your own questions live everyday during Nerdist News Talks Back at 1 pm PST on our YouTube and Alpha.)

But that wasn’t the only show the two came on to discuss, because Carbiener and Rosbe are also behind the upcoming new YouTube Red live-action comedy Good Game, which explores the world of eSports. The four also talked about Ryan Reynolds’ idea for a Deadpool/Avengers crossover, and–because it might be mandated by law now–they also went over Sunday’s Game of Thrones.

Make sure you watch to learn how Good Game got made, how Dan Harmon got involved, just how seriously eSports fans take the sport (uh, very), and the differences between writing for a cartoon versus a live-action show.

But we couldn’t have these two on and not discuss the Vindicators, so we asked them about the inspiration behind the team, whether or not the episode was a criticism of the deluge of superhero films these days, making a “perfect” episode of Rick and Morty, and whether they think there is any line Rick won’t cross.

Also find out what everyone thought of the formerly unthinkable/no longer crazy idea of an R-rated Avengers film featuring Deadpool, as well as whether or not anyone was bothered by the seemingly implausible timeline from Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall.” (:raises hand:)

Because even if the Vindicators were proof no one is a hero because everyone is, we still needed to team up with the writers who gave them to us.

What do you think of the Vindicators? What about esports or an R-rated Avengers? Talk back to us in the comments below.

Image: Adult Swim

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