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Relive Morty’s Mind Blowers with Our RICK AND MORTY T-Shirt Giveaway

As demonstrated in tonight’s Rick and Morty episode, the titular duo have been on more adventures than we previously knew about. There were so many wild and unsettling tales that “Morty’s Mind Blowers” displaced this year’s installment of “Interdimensional Cable” and gave us some of the craziest things that we’ve seen all season. And we mean crazy!

Poor Morty just couldn’t handle having the Truth Tortoise’s knowledge in his head, but as this week’s Rick and Morty t-shirt illustrates, some experiences are better off forgotten.

After tonight, there are only two episodes left in Rick and Morty season three. Until we reach the very end of the season, we’ll be teaming up with Spencers to give away 10 t-shirts that capture the spirit of each individual episode. To win this week’s shirt, you must gaze into the Truth Tortoise’s eyes and tell us all you see. Or you could just get it for free! All you have to do to enter our weekly giveaway is to click here and tweet. You must be following Nerdist on Twitter and based in the U.S. to win.

So far this season, we’ve given away a fantastic lineup of shirts, including Morty Pride 2017, Toxic Rick and Morty, Spiritual Leader Rick,  the Vindicators logo, Pickle Rick, and Mad Morty. And unlike Morty’s surgically removed memories, these shirts are not lost to you. You can still purchase those t-shirts from Spencers. They have an extensive collection of Rick and Morty merchandise, which you can buy here.

What do you think about the latest Rick and Morty t-shirt? Let us know in the comment section below.

Images: Adult Swim, Spencers

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