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A RICK AND MORTY Fan Sold a Bottle of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for SO Much Money

Holy squanching squanch!

Sorry to get so vulgar, but that’s all we can think about after seeing how much a bottle of McDonald’s elusive Szechuan sauce—which Rick and Morty made famous in their season three premiere back in April—just went for on eBay after 111 bids. Curious to know the amount?


Are you squanching kidding me?

This 64 ounce bottle, which came in its own super fancy, foam-lined case, was one of the four that McDonald’s recently gave away to fans (Rick and Morty co-creator and the voice of the two title characters Justin Roiland got one of his own). This lucky fan, journalist Robert Workman, decided that instead of using this amazing prize for enjoying 9,000 McNuggets, it would be put to much better use paying off bills. Uh, at that price we bet they’ll be some cash leftover after clearing up any debts.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but what makes this even better though is the sellers promises “at least” 20% of the proceeds from this sale are going to charity, with Extra Life and AbleGamers listed as two recipients so far.

All of this over a dipping sauce that came out almost two decades ago as a tie-in with the movie Mulan, which nobody ever would have remembered unless the best cartoon on television used it for an amazing joke that only took place in Rick’s mind.

Rick and Morty can sure be weird, but in this case reality is far stranger than fiction.

How much would you have wanted to sell your own bottle of szechuan sauce? Use your portal gun and head into our comments below to tell us what price you would have named.

Images: Adult Swim

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