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Rian Johnson Gets Hilariously Sassy with STAR WARS Fans on Twitter

Today was bound to be a big day for Last Jedi director Rian Johnson no matter what. The movie’s first full trailer dropped last night and certain theaters released tickets for the movie’s premiere (and the week following that), promptly selling out countless shows. Now, much to the Internet’s delight, he’s doing a victory lap in the form of jokingly sassy Twitter replies to publications and fans alike.

Johnson’s reply was nothing if not direct, and as it turned out, the fun was just beginning. 12 hours later, a fan posed a playful question on everyone’s minds, and Johnson delivered, echoing his earlier delivery.

Then came this author’s favorite, which combines the ever-popular adorable child on the Internet trope with a response that proves true that old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”:

And those are just the ones that went viral. Hidden within the replies to the Vanity Fair tweet was a pretty decent barb from a fan calling The Last Jedi out as Johnson’s first Joseph Gordon-Levitt-free film. Naturally, Johnson had something to say about that.

(So that’s something more to look forward to, though hopefully we’ll see his face this time around. We’re looking at you, JJ Abrams and Daniel Craig.)

Johnson tied up his Twitter sass streak with adorable sincerity, reminding us that he’s a fan of this franchise, too, and he’s just as excited as we are.

Let’s hope this streak of sub-140-character gems is an indication of more to come from the man who just might become our favorite Star Wars director on charm alone.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm


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