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Rey and Kylo Ren Fighting to Popular Songs is the Hilarious Meme You Need

The Last Jedi had so many incredible scenes–like Holdo’s legendary maneuver, the Battle of Crait, and Luke’s final act–we’d be hard-pressed to name one as our favorite. But the unlikely alliance of Kylo Ren and Rey took our breathe away. Watching the two of them team up to fight Snoke’s Praetorian Guard was like watching two dancers perform a beautiful ballet together with lightsabers but not any music. It was a perfect moment, and we couldn’t possibly imagine it being any better.

Until someone started setting it to actual music, turning it into the most ridiculous new internet meme. Because you haven’t truly experienced that scene until you’ve watched them fight to Dirty Dancing‘s “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.”

Twitter user @rachlikesbands has transformed the stunning moment into a hilarious sequence by picking a series of ridiculous songs to play while Rey and Kylo learn that no one is alone when they have a dance partner. Although it’s tough to imagine Blink 182 making a Star Wars soundtrack.

As you can guess, just like with those amazing dancing Pennywise memes we can’t get enough of these.

We’re not saying we inspired this next one, but we also noticed the similarities between Kylo Ren’s story and Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

While these are all totally absurd, it’s really crazy how differently they play out based on the song choice.

You can find the rest here, where people have started putting in requests for specific bands and songs. Because the only way to improve a perfect Star Wars scene is making it totally ridiculous.

Which song should Rey and Kylo fight to next? Tell us in the comments below what song you’d play.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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