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Report: Look Who’s Screen Testing for Fox’s FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

It’s clobberin’ time! Well, at least for comment sections across the land it is, because multiple outlets are reporting that Fox’s Josh Trank-directed reboot of Fantastic Four has begun a battery of screen tests to nail down its leads for the hotly anticipated superhero flick. According to several reports including The Hollywood Reporter, House of Cards‘ Kate Mara and Shameless star Emmy Rossum tested for the part of Sue Storm, better known as the Invisible Woman, on Tuesday.

It’s also being reported that Miles Teller, one of the most sought after young actors in town after a dynamite turn in Sundance Grand Jury and Audience award winner Whiplash, has tested for the part of the group’s elastic leader Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mr. FantasticHere’s hoping that Teller’s performance as Richards would be more The Spectacular Now than That Awkward Moment

Last, but not least, Christian Cooke (Romeo & Juliet) has supposedly tested for the part of Ben Grimm, the craggy orange golem of the group better known as The Thing. Given that Cooke is an unreasonably handsome British actor and this is a big budget superhero film, we’d say that there’s a 99% chance that he has this part on lock. Better start working on your Brooklyn accent and hanging out with hot blind sculptors, Christian!

As of this writing, the only actor attached to the reboot is Chronicle collaborator Michael B. Jordan, who has previously been reported to play Johnny Storm, the fiery ladies man who moonlights as the Human Torch. Previously, reports naming actresses like Nerdist Podcast guest Saoirse Ronan and the One Olsen to Rule Them All, Elizabeth Olsen, were circulating, but have since been discredited. Yesterday’s news that Kit Harrington has signed on to period drama Testament of Youth also means that Jon Snow will know nothin’ about what it means to be exposed to cosmic radiation and develp superpowers.

In a move that will surprise literally no one, The Hollywood Reporter is also reporting that Doctor Doom (formerly played by Julian McMahon) will be the villain in the tentpole feature and will likely be looking for a big name to balance out the core cast of rising stars. In a move that may surprise some people, the studio evidently “isn’t ruling out switching genders for the role,” a move which is guaranteed to stoke the coals of internet intrigue (or outrage (honestly, how do you guys have the energy for this?)). Now before you go crying “Continutity!” in the quemments below, take a moment and consider the following: if a female Doctor Doom and a black Human Torch are the biggest problems in your life right now, then you must lead a relatively problem-free existence. Otherwise, just STFU and let Trank work his magic. Who knows? You might just wind up liking it.

The Fantastic Four is set to open June 19, 2015, so mark your calendars. Who would you like to see play the Fantastic Four? Let us know in the comments below or tell me like a herald of Galactus on Twitter.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter



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  1. dazorange says:

    to Axelsan,
    People want to change the race of a character that has been around for 50 years because when he was created race was a much bigger issue than it is now. It would have been an issue to have Johnny be black at that time. Now it is is possible to not worry about such a minor detail.

  2. lars says:

    I’d like Domenick Lombardozzi as Ben! I mean, look at him!

  3. Klaus says:

    Based on all of the rumors/news we have gotten so far:

    Richard Madden for Reed
    Margot Robbie for Sue
    Christian Cooke for Ben
    Michael B. Jordan for Johnny

  4. Klaus says:

    Richard Madden for Reed or GTFO
    Margot Robbie for Sue
    Christian Cooke for Ben
    Michael B. Jordan for Johnny

  5. Axelsan says:

    Maybe because I grew up with the FF, but why do people want to change the race of a character who has been around over 50 years?

  6. greatgooglymoog says:

    This looks like a pandering to a young, clueless audience kind of casting happening a la The CW and Twilight- which has been infecting everything lately- dumbing down what could be great movies. Too bad Kevin Feige isn’t involved like he should be. Can you imagine how great the quality control would be if it was in the same cinematic universe as the Avengers?
    If Trank wasn’t involved, I would care less about this film than Wolverine:Origins.

  7. David says:

    The whole race/gender thing I have no problem with, but oddly enough the age of the cast is something I’m a little concerned with. They all look way too young to portray FF… welp let’s just see where this takes us shall we?

  8. ts35 says:

    Hmmmmmmm…….mock joe or double down on racial stereotypes for comedic effect……mock joe or double down on racial stereotypes for comedic effect…..

    I can’t decide.

  9. chris brocco says:

    recast johnny storm please it makes no sense,Doom a female uhhh NO sure it looks great at comic-con but on screen it would look silly

  10. Joe says:

    Can’t have a an all black FF. No one would give them grants for the research and they would be shot dead trying to steal the space shuttle.

  11. ts35 says:

    Another thought… about an all-black FF?

  12. morgan williams says:

    How was my comment deemed delete worthy? Absolutely nothi g offensive about say I think that sue storm should be black if they’re casting Michael b jordan as human torch. Think america could do with some more big screen inter racial relationships.

  13. ts35 says:

    Q: Sooooo if MBJ is Johnny Storm, does that affect how they cast Sue Storm, or do they just adjust or nix that connection? Even Jessica Alba and Chris Evans was a stretch….but it was Jessica Alba, so who cares? 🙂

    C: I like Miles Teller, but Reed Richards is always the smartest guy in the room. I have not seen anything from Teller that says that he can play that (but maybe he can). And I have a tough time seeing him with Emmy Rossum or Kate Mara.

  14. Nathan Morton says:

    The Lord spoke to me in a dream and told me Scott Bakula would be perfect as Reed Richards. I am just the Lord’s messenger I would never pretend to speak for Him….but, I’m pretty sure the Lord would think that guy looks way too young for Reed….he has always been depicted with gray hair on his temples.

  15. Atte says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch would be most amazing Doctor Doom. He has the voice! His articulation would deem worthy of grand speeches of Doctor Doom, and he has a skill of playing very intelligent people.

    Female Doom? I hope not.

  16. Dena says:

    really, you’re casting all these white actresses for the SIBLING of a black Human Torch? if you’re gonna change the race of a character (and there’s nothing wrong with that) at least keep his sister the same race.

  17. Joe says:

    I am ok to some degree with changing race, God rest his soul Michael Clark Duncan was great as Kingpin. Yet, gender? I understand Transgender is now all the rage after Dallas Buyers Club, but its just a PC attention grabber. There is something to be said for going with the original Lee/Kirby work. All the comic book movies that have worked kept close to the original source material. I also think a big name for Doom is stupid. It can be anyone under the mask, just get a great voice. James Earl Jones was almost uncredited in A New Hope and he was Darth Vader.

  18. morgan williams says:

    Think its cool that they want to cast jordan as human torch, but why not go the whole hog and cast a black susan storm rather than a white one and give us some sort of bs adoption back story.
    If they’re willing to cast candice patton as iris west in flash then surely they have the nuts to do it in this reboot.