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Report: Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to Reboot SILENT HILL

Oh. My. Lordy! This is going to be megaton face-melting news for sci-fi/horror fans if it’s true: Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro are reportedly teaming up on a Silent Hill reboot starring Norman Reedus. Folks are already writing this off as a rumor, refusing to accept a collaboration of this magnitude as a possibility. However, before you “x” out of this window in disbelief, please tell me: how do you explain this?!


A little background: there was a mysterious interactive horror game teased by Sony during their PlayStation Gamescom media briefing. Twitch user SoapyWarpig decided to livestream a playthrough of the interactive game… Skip forward to 1 hour and 16 minutes to see the teaser reveal in all of its glory:

Watch live video from SoapyWarpig on Twitch

Well, that escalated quickly! So what is this? Could it be a reboot of the Silent Hill series by del Toro and Kojima? Perhaps this is just a digital film, or maybe even one of the most foul and Lucifer-inspired hoaxes of all time. What we do know is that del Toro and Kojima have been quite buddy buddy as of late: it wasn’t long ago that Kojima was showing immense delight for Pacific Rim, and even released a limited edition Metal Gear Solid-themed poster that was given away to early Pac-Rim moviegoers. Del Toro once planned to put his imprint on a horror game by the name of Insane back in 2010, but the game never saw the light of day and since has faded into obscurity. It only seems appropriate that these two would come together on a video game project, and that it might be Silent Hill makes this all the more a match made in heaven.

As far as Norman Reedus goes, this is one hell of a way for him to redeem himself on the gaming front, given that his last video game role was in the awful first-person shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. How he ended up starring in this mega project is a story everyone will be dying to hear.

Of course, this all but confirms the game, as there has been no official press release from anyone as of yet. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the rest of Gamescom for the official announcement, and rejoicing like it is 100% confirmed all the way up until that happens.

[HT: NeoGAF]

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  1. slendershark says:

    I’m excited for any new Silent Hill, but I hate this new trend of rendering actors into games! Let them be the voice, but slapping their face on there is just lazy.

  2. Corri says:

    Love Silent Hill and Love Norman Reedus. Just checked Norman’s page on IMDB and the game has been announced, so I guess it’s official?! Doing happy dance… 🙂

  3. Ibrahim Azam says:

    Nah it’s probably not gonna happen…I wish it did though!!

  4. Bro says:

    For a moment there I thought this was going to be a different walking dead game…

  5. baggins says:

    video could do without that cunt screamign every 2 secs

  6. FreshMetal says:

    HELP!  I keep throwing my money at my monitor, but nothing is happening!

  7. Hai says:

    Norman Reedus is so overrated … I would love games to have good original characters and don’t hide behind famous faces …

    • Tak says:

      Oh get off it. Bad games are bad games. I can’t think of a single game who’s sales were bolstered by the actors in it. I can think of several that did horrible. And Norman Reedus is awesome. You’re overrated.

    • dbcooper says:

      like Norman Reedus is that huge of an actor….. other then walking dead hes “the guy from boondocks” hell a lot of ppl dont even know him by name. Let the guy get back on the big screen for a bit. 

  8. Nate Wilder says:

    I’m going to classify this under weird but delightful. Hope this is true!