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Report: Drew Goddard to Write and Direct Marvel’s Stand-Alone SPIDER-MAN Movie!

As Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has demonstrated time and again, the man knows what he’s doing–especially when it comes to hiring directors. Get Joe Johnston, the fellow who storyboarded Raiders of the Lost Ark and directed The Rocketeer, to helm the period film Captain America: The First Avenger? Absolutely! Get James Gunn, who’s famous for fusing his wiseass humor to offbeat fare like the 2004 Dawn of the Dead and Slither, to handle Guardians of the Galaxy? Why not? Get Joss Whedon, possibly the finest living screen storyteller when it comes to genre ensemble pieces, to tackle The Avengers? Hell, yeah! Now Feige has done it yet again: he’s nabbed Drew Goddard — the director of Cabin in the Woods, the writer of Cloverfield, and a close friend and frequent collaborator of Whedon’s (word on the streets is he even lent a hand in writing Avengers) — to write and direct Marvel’s very first Spider-Man solo film (due out on July 28, 2017), under its new deal with Sony to co-develop Spider-Man movies. Goddard was handling Sony’s Sinister Six before the studio put the kabosh on its own Spider-Man franchise plans to work with Marvel and Disney, but his participation in a new Spidey film was never a given. Now, thankfully, it is.


According to Latino Review, the next Spider-Man film series may be called Spectacular Spider-Man (dumping the previous series’ “Amazing” and using the the title of another of the character’s long-running comic book series). And Feige and co. are looking to cast a young, most likely unknown, actor to play the part through multiple films, the first of which will smartly not feature the hero’s origin story, starting with an already established webslinger, but will feature the origin of the Sinister Six, and a battle between Spider-Man and Iron Man in which ol’ webhead “auditions” to join the Avengers.

As a longtime fan of both Spider-Man and Goddard, I’m over the moon about this news. But what about you guys? Are you hopeful? Should Spidey join the Avengers? And would you like to see Peter Parker again wear the mask, or should Miles Morales have a turn this time around? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s all-new episode of Nerdist News where we’ll be breaking down our theories!




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  1. puppetDoug says:

    Dylan Everett, otherwise known as Young Dean on Supernatural.

  2. Chris_the_Jedi says:

    I may be alone in this, but I enjoyed the two most recent Spidey movies. That being said, Peter Parker has had his run. I’d love to see Miles get his shot in the MCU. 

  3. Supreme Power says:

    I’d personally like to have a Ben Reilly Spider-Man movie, call it SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN, and lead up to introducing Peter Parker at a later time to be revealed as the “true” Spider-Man.

  4. AfroClam says:

    I love Spiderman, but TBH, I am rather sick of it at this point. That being said, hopefully Sony’s input will be minimal to none and Marvel can make 3 great movies instead of how they bungled the previous 2 attempts. Spiderman and Spiderman 2 were good and great, but the 3 one was rubbish. The Amazing Spiderman was unnecessary and not that good, and #2 was straight garbage. I wish they would lay off on making more Spiderman movies for….like a decade. I know that is unrealistic, but it’s all getting to be a bit much. Maybe I’m just reaching my saturation point

  5. Jim says:

    Is there any reason that Peter Parker has to be White? Could the Latino or other version of Spider-Man still be Peter Parker?  They did it with Nick Fury!

    • Kaizer Allen says:

      Well, why would you want to promote diversity at the cost of our white heroes? Why can’t they stay the way they are? There are so many other colored characters that they can use in future films. The only reason they made Nick Fury black is that the Ultimate version is based on Samuel L. Jackson.

    • losercoop says:

      The main reason is because they don’t want to do another origin story. If Miles Morales suddenly showed up as Spider-Man people would be confused because most people don’t even know about him.What they should do is have Peter Parker in the Civil War, then a new Spider-Man movie, then set up the Miles story within that movie.