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Redditor Builds Tiny Mjölnir For His Little Hero

For his son’s fourth birthday, a father who posts to Reddit under the name Crux1836 really had his work cut out for him. It seems his son is a big fan of Marvel’s The Avengersspecifically the Asgardian Prince, Thor. When asked, the little fan told his father he wanted his own “real Thor hammer” for his birthday. With the keyword being “real,” Crux set out with a hollow piece of square-stock to build his own miniature replica of the iconic hammer known as Mjölnir. Time for Dad to turn smithy: luckily that wasn’t too big a shift for Crux.


Through an extensive bit of work, Crux had to cut the stock down to a proper size and shaped the head of the hammer through heating, grinding, and punching/drilling a hole for the handle to pass through. He kept the head hollow so his son would still be able to lift and wield it, which meant taking extra precaution not to crush the square-stock head when punching through it.


Soon after, Crux bevelled down the edges to get the iconic shape of the hammer’s head, as well as adding rune script around each side and square pieces to each end in order to seal off the open ends. With the addition of a handle, the little hero’s hammer was ready to protect the world from Loki and whatever other evil may come his way.


Time will only tell what other super items this little guy might ask for from dear ol’ Dad in the coming years. (Hopefully he knows not to hit anyone with it, either.) Dig the hammer? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Kotaku
Image Credits: Crux1836/Imgur

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