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Battle the Darkness with a Hulkbuster Desk Lamp

You can now let Tony Stark fight away the darkness with this new remote-controlled USB desk lamp from infoThink designed to resemble his Hulkbuster armor helmet from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The lamp is currently only available for pre-order but will be shipping out to customers from their online store in October. The lamp is capable of offering several illumination modes that can be controlled with the remote, and are displayed in the video above. I personally don’t know if I would ever use the constant pulsing setting, like smooth breathing and fade, but I’m sure they can be helpful with restless young kids or as part of a calming exercise. The mask-visor can also be raised and lowered by remote to offer even more light if one would want.

hulkbuster lamp

It was quite obvious in the lead up to Marvel’s second team-up outing that they wanted to call particular attention to the scene in which Robert Downey Jr’s Iron-Man would fight Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk with a special suit of Hulkbusting armor. Now, whether you want to stick with the given name of the armor from the comic and call it Armor Model 14, or like the little Archie Comics love-triangle joke from Age Of Ultron and refer to the armor as Veronica, everyone can agree that the Hulk vs Iron-Man fight was one of the biggest draws of the film, and their merchandising for the film will back that up wholeheartedly. While some may scoff at the $85 price tag, this lamp could make the perfect nightlight for the little Avengers fan in your life. Trust us, their are worse ways Iron-Man can put you to sleep.


[Image: ComicBookMovie]

Let us know what you think of the lamp in the comments below.


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