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Realistic Pile of Nachos is Actually Cake

Are you loving nachos but feeling cake? Been there. This temptingly large pile of nachos will make your eyes widen and your heart beat faster, but all is not what it seems. Sure it looks like a mountain of cheesey, beany, sour creamy goodness but hold on to your taste buds, this is a sweet fantasy, not a savory one. Thanks to Yolanda Gampp from How to Cake It this temple to topopos is actually one big giant dessert masterpiece.

The base of this sugary monument is a stacked, shaped, and frosted dome cake. Once the toppings are added the real magic happens. Like any plate of nachos there are chips, but these are buttered, coated in cinnamon spice, then baked into crispy, sweet, goodness. Black licorice is cut to look like olives, while chopped gummy candies make excellent stand-ins for faux peppers and tomatoes.

Nachos are nothing without beans and cheese. A concoction of melted chocolate, rice cereal and black jelly beans look like some darn convincing frijoles. Grated orange modeling chocolate looks cheesey enough, but when melted with a blowtorch it all comes to life. Really. I’ve never seen more realistic looking cheese.

The cake really takes shape when green buttercream is added with a heavy hand of 7-minute frosting, making for some mouth-watering guac and sour cream to top the whole thing off. Except it’s not chips and guac at all, it’s still a cake! While your mind may not forgive you for the trickery, your stomach will be thanking you for the sweets.

Check out the full Nachos Cake tutorial on the How To Cake It youtube channel.

Does a lifelike nachos cake sound like the ultimate dessert? Let us know in the comments!

Images: How To Cake It


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