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Quentin Tarantino Is Now a HATEFUL EIGHT Action Figure

NECA’s The Hateful Eight action figure line just became the Nicety-Free Nine! In a move that undoubtedly pleases the collectible-loving director, they’ve made a figure of Quentin Tarantino as a cowboy, arguably playing the role of the unseen narrator we hear him voice during the film’s second half. He comes with a director’s clapboard, which kills the period cowboy illusion a bit, but maybe he actually did direct the film dressed like that. I wouldn’t put it past him. Would you?

This isn’t the first time NECA has rendered QT as an AF–in the Kill Bill line, they had him as a Comic-Con exclusive member of the Crazy 88s, with removable limbs and blood-squirting stumps. When they did the main characters of Reservoir Dogs, he was there too. But this is the first time he’s been done in the 8-inch, removable clothing style, a la the ’70s toys he himself grew up with and requested for Django Unchained. To avoid the same fate as that flick’s figures–seen in Toys R Us, loudly complained about due to the slavery subject matter, and pulled by Weinstein–The Hateful Eight figures have been limited to 3000 apiece, and this director figure will follow suit. In other words, if you are lucky enough to see the li’l auteur¬†in a major retailer, grab him, but if you want to ensure you actually get him, preorder from a reputable site before it’s too late.

As a bonus for those rare few of you who actually have the Django toys, he can double as the Australian mining company employee.

Where would Cowboy Quentin wind up on your shelf? Mosey on down to comments, and let’s hear it.

images: NECA


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