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Prepare Yourself For The “Tournament of Nerds”

The Nerdist Channel is rolling out new programming all the time, and the next series to arrive will be Tournament of Nerds, the new teaser promo for which appears above. It’s a TV version of the popular live debate staged regularly at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood, hosted by Justin Donaldson and Hal Rudnick. The premise is simple: Nerds debate which fictional or real person would win in a fight. It’s like improv comedy crossed with the kind of arguments you got into when you were a kid. It’s hilarious. And it’s coming soon to the Nerdist Channel, because the Nerdist Channel was made for stuff like this.

The first episode posts on July 1st. That’s, like, almost here.

Click here and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel so you’ll know as soon as the debut, like every other show and episode on the channel, is posted. There’s no need to debate that.

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History of Thrones: Rhaenyra Targaryen, the First Woman to Sit on the Iron Throne

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  1. Jukka says:

    >你不會明白一隻股票直至你擁有它 正如你不會了解一間公司直至你加入 你也不會明白一個女人直至 See Enron, AIG, Tyco, and, dare I say, Citibank, Blackstone, etc?L – You may be right. But can you assume all iniredss know NO more than us do?>我最多埋怨自己運氣不好 從不懷疑自己的才華 That’s what all losers think, too.L – :)You are right. Sometimes I do think I’m a loser.>一夜成名要經過長年累月的努力 On the other hand, there are way too many random people who become famous for their infuriating lack of talent, esp given that they now have a very low cost distribution platform (= the Internet). See 芙蓉姐姐, Star Wars kid, Paris Hilton, etc.L – totally agree. Some time ago I wrote an article about “成名/守名/匿名” to express similar thoughts.While 一夜成名 could be so random nowadays, a better bench mark is to see whether these people can keep the fame (守名).

  2. Vincent S says:

    omg, I really liked the show format from all those nerdist moons ago where Jonah (I think) described the final battle Between general Patton and the Road Runner. 😀 Now, I get to see it in video format. WEEEEEEE!!!!!

  3. Christina says:

    About three years ago, there was a brulesque troup that put on a Star Trek vs Star Wars shows complete with a Copa Cabana Darth Maul turned Lola and Data exploring humanity through tassel twirling.

    Looking forward to Tournament of Nerds even if the participants are likely to be wearing more clothing and less glitter.

  4. Ravindra Saran says:

    Very excited for this, don’t live anywhere near L.A. but was very jealous this was a thing when someone mentioned it on the Nerdist Podcast (Jonah I think).