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Premiere: Pentimento’s Poppy, Weighty ‘Clever Reason’

If you’re not yet familiar with Pentimento, they are four dudes from Buffalo, NY who make indie pop rock music with an edge of punk. Their songs are catchy and easy to listen to – great for road trips, or just chilling out in a hammock (among other activities–let your imagination go!).

To follow up their debut album Pentimento, the band are releasing I, No Longer on October 23. And to prep you for what’s to come, the below video showcases a single off the album called “Clever Reason.”

This song touches on the important subjects of regret and forgiveness, and that confusing period of limbo in-between. The lyric, “On your way home, did you make peace with everything you’ve done wrong?’ is especially resonant, as it asks that tough question everyone has asked of themselves after making a mistake. However, the weight of the songs’ themes are set against a poppy beat, making them lighter and more accessible for the everyday listen.

If you like what you hear and want to dig in, you can pre-order a physical copy of I, No Longer via Bad Timing Records or a digital copy via Bandcamp.

Pentimento I, No Longer Artwork w Title

Pentimento will be touring throughout October and into November, so make sure you check the dates and follow them on Twitter @pentimentoNY and Instagram @pentimentony for more updates.

What do you think of “Clever Reason”? Has it made your ears perk up? Hit us with your comments down below.

HT: Bad Timing Records

IMAGES: YouTube/Bad Timing Records/Brett Ballachino

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