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Premiere: ‘Not A One’ by The Young Wild Is a Foot Stomping Anthem

The Young Wild are a San Diego-based band who have been busy crafting chantable pop tracks that are catchy for their efficient simplicity. When you listen to their new track, “Not A One”, you’ll hear the distinct instrumental hooks add up to a cohesive whole that crescendos as the lyrics become decidedly spiritual: “I’ll make a run right for the coast / Together in the great unknown.”

The minimal music video, featuring the band members performing isolated tasks on an unlit stage, is a good visual metaphor for how to think about the instrumentation and execution on “Not A One.” Though each musician is seemingly engrossed in the task at hand, all heighten the track’s vitality as they bend, stomp, jerk, and belt.

About the visuals, lead singer Bryan. B William says, “We decided to do a performance piece where each person would be filmed separately and make an interpretation of the song without being aware of what the other performers would be doing. When we combined each shot into one environment you get all these movements  and ideas working with and against each other.”

Don’t know about you guys, but my eyes stayed glued to the clap-stompers second from the left.


Let us know if you guys are digging The Young Wild and if you’d like to hear more of their music on the site!

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  1. Valkyrie1 says:

    loved it so much i tried to buy it on itunes…couldn’t find it  🙁  please tell us when this song is released for sale!

  2. Peter says:

    I like the video better than the song. The song is good, though. Above average

  3. Stev says:

    I’m digging the eff out this track

  4. Stev says:

    I’m digging it so hard

  5. Annabray says:

    These guys rule!!! I can’t wait to see them perform