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New JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS Covers and Villain Revealed!

New JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS Covers and Villain Revealed!

There are some minor spoilers ahead for the Justice League/Power Rangers miniseries. You’ve been warned!

In 2016, Boom! Studios brought the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back to comics in a big way, but next year looks to be even bigger. In January, Boom! and DC Comics are teaming up for a Justice League/Power Rangers crossover miniseries that will bring together the heroes of two worlds against their common enemies. But who could be strong enough to take on the combined might of two super teams? It turns out that it’s someone that Power Rangers fans should be very familiar with.

IGN broke the story about the miniseries’ villain during a short interview with writer Tom Taylor. Apparently, there will be two major enemies in the story, and the DC half of that duo is still currently under wraps. But the Power Rangers are sending their biggest bad to the party: Lord Zedd! Included with that reveal was one of artist Stephen Byrne‘s pages from the first issue, which finds Zedd and his advanced Putties storming the Power Rangers’ headquarters.


“Obviously we have one of the Power Rangers’ biggest nemesis of all time,” Taylor told IGN. “He is going to be causing of a lot of trouble. But there will also be a villain from the Justice League’s dimension who will be part of the problem as well. That won’t be revealed until about Issue #2.”

Out of all of the Power Rangers villains, Zedd is one of the few who could mount a serious challenge against DC’s heroes…when he isn’t written as a joke. Later seasons of the Power Rangers TV show really softened Zedd, who was a much more intimidating adversary when he was first introduced on the show. This is also the first time that Lord Zedd has appeared in the revival of Boom! Studios’ Power Ranger comics.

Additionally, DC and Boom! released a handful of variant covers for the first issue, featuring art by Dan Hipp, Dustin Nguyen, Yasmine Putri, Marguerite Sauvage, Chris Sprouse and Marcus To.

Justice League Power Rangers 1 Dustin Nguyen

You can see the rest of those covers in our gallery below. Additionally, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau has revealed his art for the Forbidden Planet exclusive Justice League/Power Rangers cover, which features Wonder Woman side by side with the Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart. Somehow, we doubt it will be the last exclusive cover that we see for this series!

Justice League/Power Rangers # 1 Stanley Lau

Justice League/Power Rangers #1 will be released on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

Are you excited about the return of Lord Zedd? And what did you think about these covers? It’s Morphin’ time in the comment section below!

Images: DC Comics/Boom! Studios

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