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Premiere: Midnight Reruns Pump Out Timeless Guitar Music on ‘There’s An Animal Upstairs’

Milwaukee-based rock group Midnight Reruns are preparing to release Force of Nurture, the follow-up to their 2013 self-titled debut album, but before they do that, the band is premiering the album’s lead single “There’s An Animal Upstairs” exclusively on Nerdist, so check it out below.

The group fairly describes their genre as “GUITAR MUSIC” on Facebook, and their Replacements-inspired aesthetic is, much like actual midnight reruns, nostalgic but contemporary: When you can’t sleep and an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air comes on, doesn’t it seem to have the impact it did the first time you watched it 20 years ago?

Will Smith’s inside-out jacket never gets old, and it seems like neither will the timeless vibes of high quality rock and roll. Pop and electronic music may have pushed rock to the sidelines in terms of mainstream interests, but that doesn’t mean rock is dead: it’s just harder to find, so thank goodness Midnight Reruns have new tunes coming soon.

Midnight Rerun’s sophomore record, Force of Nurture, is scheduled for release on October 23 via Dusty Medical Records. The band will also be on the road this fall, so check out their upcoming itinerary below.

Midnight Reruns tour dates:

10/22: Madison, WI – Mickey’s
10/23: St. louis, MO – FOAM
10/25: Knoxville, TN – preservation pub
10/26: Charlotte, NC – the milestone club
10/27: Atlanta, GA – Wonderroot
10/28: Athens, GA – Go Bar
10/30: Gainesville, FL – FEST
11/02: Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
11/03: Baltimore, MD – Holy Frijoles
11/04: New York City, NY – Leftfield
11/05: Philadelphia, PA – TBA
11/06: Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog
11/07: Cincinnati, OH – Cincinative
11/08: Bloomington, IL – Crush Grove
11/09: Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle


Featured image courtesy of Midnight Reruns/Gary Sabin

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